traveling moleskine

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has anyone ever heard of the traveling moleskine project? clicky
I think it would be fun to do one for knitters. what would happen is that I would mail the book off to my first recipient. you would get three pages that you could put anything you want on it about knitting or crocheting or the fiber arts and are welcome to draw anything if you are graphically inclined. you can tape pieces of your favorite yarns short patterns etc. whatever you wish. I would like at least 8 people to start this project off with. so if anyone is interested send me your addresses via email vbarton24 at gmail dot com I really think this would be a fun way to connect all of us knitters some more. it would be great fun. so let me know peeps

heres some guidelines:

the conditions
the moleskine is only in your possesion for 2 weeks.
all entry's must have a date, name and place of entry
each person can use a maximum of 3 pages (you don't have to use all 3 pages.)
you can write, sketch, paint or glue anything into the moleskine but there should be no explicit content, this is a family friendly project.
please photograph your entry so i can post it to a flickr so everyone can see whats in their as it travels around before i get it back..
authors must give the rights to any work within the moleskine to the owner of the moleskine and any other contributor for there own use.
all forward postage is paid for by each sender.
all addresses and personal info will be treated with the up most respect.

how do i know where to send it next?
obvious question, simple answer,
i will keep a list of addresses of all the participants and each time the moleskine is sent on i will email the person its going to with the next address it should go to.
all you have to do is read the email, send the moleskine to the address i sent to you, then email me to say its been sent and i then know its time to send another address out.