ellen ellen ellen

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so today is the ellen show!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited. one of her interns called me yesterday and asked for us to be there early because they changed check in time till 1 pm instead of 3 pm because we get to screen jim carrys new movie yes man which doesn't come out till friday. after that we film the show. im really excited to go. should be fun. its also the twelve days of christmas giveaway and since were going to be in the audience we get schwag!!!!!!!!!!!! schwag is good. I hope today is a big day for schwag. it would be cool to get a camera or a nintendo wii. but they have already given away those things so we shall see/ oh and jim carry is going to be on the show as well. i love him. hes so funny. good thing my moms not going. she cant stand him at all. ehhhhh im so excited. i think ill get ear plugs before we go in because it is really loud in there. i was half deaf when my dad and i were in the riff raff room. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh super excited. so the show they are taping today; tuesday will be on wednesday.

MUSE in Twilight

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birthday giveawya contest

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ruffled feather birthday is december 11. she is giving this away to one lucky winner: two handmade cards a cowl and a handmade critter. so go on over to her site and wish her a happy birthday and enter to win also.
oh and if you get a video to her of you singing happy birthday to her you get 50 extra entries:-) so go clock here
to visit her and spread some cheer.

so many events coming up.

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i am suddenly feeling the urgency of the holiday season. this sunday is vincents birthday party. on tuesday the 16 me my husband and my dad are going to be in the Ellen studio audience. the cool thing though is that we are going to be on one of the twelve days of christmas show and we have the potential to take home up to 3,000 in schwag. so i hope we go on a good day. i want a macbook air and a new dig cam would be nice. but im sure whatever i get will be cool today they gave away 3,000 worth of stuff today. one item alone was 1,100 and it was an 18k gold necklace. crazyness other events going on are christmas of course also my fifth wedding anniversary is on december 22. so hopefully we wont have any earthquakes on our anniversary. i think that every year. lol and new years of course should be a nice stay at home event which is fine ill stay at home and watch rockin new years and drink some buttery nipples. yummy i love that drink. i have another contest coming up soon. this one is for the mommies and includes some dishcloths some knitting schwag and some yummy soap. i will post more about it on january 1st. i just need to get through the holidays first than will talk in more depth about the contest.

see this guy he needs a home and if you click here: dk mommy spot you get a chance to win a free one. well four chances if you do everything on the list to win one.

thrifty and chic mom

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is having a contest to win a cute rattle from ecoleeko just go to her blog and check out the details. the rattle you can choose which one and its an organic materials rattle. so cute.

finger puppet set giveaway

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ok mommies these finger puppets are so cute. there free trade and hand knitted with a hand knit carrying case. so cute enter to win the here: click here to enter

i hope i win these. there so cute.

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well not to much going on here. little man has a head cold so he is not feeling to well. we were going to go to the christmas parade tonight but not now. uh i just finished knitting my forest canopy shoulder shawl and my cabled fingerless gloves. i think im going to gift out the fingerless gloves to lindsy maybe. im knitting a new pair out of tofutsies for myself fron the 101 designer one skein wonders book. cool article that some alapaca owners doing nice things for cancer patients well will write more later.peace


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right now I just feel so low. if only petco would have hired me back like they said they would


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yesterday was a pretty good day went to borders halloween party with littleman. they had storytime and cookies that looked like ghosts. littleman ate alot of his. he enjoyed listening to the stories as well. we tried our hand at coloring for the first time. he marked on the paper a couple times and than tried to eat the crayon. so after that they had a costume contest and littleman one in his age group of 0-3. we got a barenaked ladies snacktime cd. so that was an awesome day. i will post pictures later. my card reader is not plugged in right now. i now have windows reloaded on my computer so it works great again im happy

so much to post about

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hi everyone!:-) This month the National Alpaca Farms Days are going to be be happening on September 27 and September 28. Click hereto read more about it. quoted from the website;"Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association marketing committee has designed a comprehensive plan to increase awareness of alpacas. We hope you will visit an alpaca farm and join us to make this day successful." I think it should be quite a bit of fun to go to and the web page helps you find a farm near you. If you live in Bakersfield and surrounding areas the farm details are at Field of Dreams Alpacas. I got to see their booth at the Mountain Festival in Tehachapi and there alpaca yarn was so soft and in so many great colors. They are definitely worth having a look at.

We finally got all the immediate family together meaning me and my family and my brother and his family and my parents up in apple valley at the same time and got a picture with grandma Davis. It will be nice to have to show them when there older. That way they can know what there grandma looks like. I cannot seem to find my memory card right now so I will have to post the picture later. Drat

All is well in B land. little man is growing like a weed. he is going to be out of his nine month old clothes pretty soon. he is crawling everywhere and is standing up propped by his hands for short periods of time 1 to 3 minutes. he is also taking steps now around the fireplace with his hands propped on the edge of the fireplace. oh and he has two bottom teeth and he thinks its funny to bite my big toe. If I am on the computer and my legs hanging down he will crawl up all stealthy like and bite my toe it is kind of funny but it hurts also. those little teeth are sharp. well i am going to sign off. have to get ready to leave and go let moms dogs out in a little bit because they are out of town. man im so tired. i need some starbucks.

my family is crafty

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i recently took a trip to apple valley California. its in the high desert. i did not realize how crafty my family is. my aunt onetta quilts and sews. My aunt patty and aunt Marilyn crochet. my mom makes awesome beaded things and does plastic canvas. my grandma does used to do hand embroidery and plastic canvas. I knit and crochet a little and i used to do bead work. so all in all my family is crafty.`My trip to Apple Valley was really good. I got to visit my grandma, see the quilting shop my aunt works in and go visit a local yarn shop. Oh and super target is awesome. I can't wait till they build one in Bakersfield. so here are pictures from my trip. enjoy


okay so tonight i went and saw the dark knight with my mom dad and crystal(one of my parents room mates). It was cool got in for free because she works at the theater which is kind of nice. Crystal gave me a hellboy 2 Mylar. I love it. my mom was so mad though because she always says she claims everything even when she doesn't. so she was mad crystal didn't give it to her. my mom was all trying to sweet talk me out of it but i was like nope sorry woman. I love ya but I got to go. lol oh and the movie was awesome heath ledger was awesome. I will miss his movies. Ever since I saw him in 10 things I hate about you I knew he was destined for greatness.

ok onto business: the red scarf project is a charitable knitting initiative that provides warmth and support to foster youth. this is a really great organization that helps foster kids who are in college and trade schools by providing them with scarves to keep them warm and hand written notes sent along with the scarf are also welcome as well. here is the link to go check it out for yourselves and maybe knit a scarf.

so tomorrow i am headed off to apple valley with my mom and dad to visit with grandma and so she can see Vincent. I can also get out of Bakersfield for a couple days. i really loathe this town. well got to go type to you later

contest announcement

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at the knitting giraffe she is having a contest to win 25 dollars for the loopy ewe heres the linkcontesttell her you got there from my blog ok>? ill post more later on watching starbuck kick some fracking cylon ass

joanne's craft store

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so today was the big day. I went to joanne's today and they were giving five dollar gift cards away today and so I got some free sugar and creme stripes yarn with my gift card and saved a dollar as well because I had a fifty percent off coupon. so tomorrow I am going to go again and get two more skeins of yarn for free. it was kind of awesome. so here a pic of the yarn

the colour on the left is called natural stripes and the one on the right is pinky striped. I just love the colors. very nice. I have not seen these ones before so had to snag them up. While I was there also I was talking to a very nice gal about dishcloths and knitting on the bias and knitting just with a cast on amount of stitches and how the corner always sticks out and how to fix it. i said blocking is a good way to go and also to make sure you weave in your end well or to leave a loop to hang it on on that corner and than you don't notice the funky corner. if anyone has any advice on how not to get the funky corner let me know. I am open to ideas.

I also told the nice gal about abc's of creative pursuits. she had no idea that we had smaller yarn stores in bakersfield that weren't all corporate. i was like yeah theres a couple but abc's is the best and the people there are really nice and helpful. so newhos thats all for now. got to go check on the dogs its so hot here. I loathe the heat. blah.

contest winner

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first off i want to say thank you to Marcheterre and Eva who both donated 5.00 a piece to the spca. thank you very much. And dah dah dah dah I did the drawing and the winner is Marcheterre. Please confirm your mailing adress with me via email to make sure I have the correct address. a big thank you to everyone who donated.

dishcloth for swap

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so i am working on my swap package between packing for the big move. i just finished up a woozy cloth. the pattern is here by Smariek Knits I saw this cloth and instantly fell in love with it. I am going to make some for me after the move. here is a picture of the cloth:

sorry about the bed lighting. Im not sure where the memory card for my canon camera is but im sure I'll find it when I am packing. Got to go yelling baby.


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so today is the kickoff for my contest. I am doing this to raise money for the spca.

heres how it works: for every dollar or money order for a dollar or more if you prefer that you send me;(money orders can be made out to the Bakersfield spca) I will enter you in a drawing to win a knitted soap bag with a bar of zum soap(most awesome and delicious soap), size 10 square knitting needles, four knitted washcloths, a skein of louet euroflax linen yarn(purple in colour) and a set of hide and sheep's increase/decrease stitch markers. the contest will run through july 4th so all entries should be received by than. I will leave a three day window after that in case any stragglers come in and will draw the winner on july 7, 2008 if interested contact me at vbarton24 at gmail.com and i will give my address for you to send your entry to. any questions email me also please.


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just to let everyone know. i am going to be having a contest to raise funds for my local spca chapter. they are in need of help all the time and solely rely on donations from the community. I am going to be giving away a knitted soap bag with a bar of zum soap(click here to see zum awesome soap i love it), size 10 square knitting needles and some other goodies. this is still in the planning stages. i will have all the details ironed out by friday. but how this is going to work is that 1.00 will get you 1 entry. you can send a money order made out to the bakersfield spca to me(i will provide contact information offline at the end of the contest on july 1st i will put everyones name in a hat with the appropriate number of entries and draw a winner. so thats just the rough details now message me if you have any questions or would like to donate something knitting related for the contest email me at vbarton24 at gmail dot com.

national knit in public day

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national knit in public day is coming up on june 14, 2008. im excited. ill actually go this year i think. i didnt get to do anything with it last year because I did not know of a group that was doing it. it is hosted by the ktk yarn mavens.click on mavens for more information. just wanted to post that real quick

washcloths just finished

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three of my dishcloths these are always so hard to photograph

saw these purses at and arts n crafts show made out of capri sun packages
and fun fur kind of cute

and last but not least the king... lunchbox windchime that is the windchime
part is knives and spoons. kind of funny but cute.

saw the too above items at an arts n craft show and if im redundant i apologize.

so i have alot on my needles right now. I am almost done with the shop sample shrug im knitting up. 1 and one quarter skeins to go. i had to take a break from it. I was getting tired of the monotony(hope i spelled that right) so to break my monotony I knocked out three washcloths i was behind on for my knit aliong. still have one more to go and i will be all caught up. started vincents winter sweater this week. i need to go down to my yarn store so I can get some help with a couple parts of the pattern just to make sure I am clear how it is supposed to be knit :-)

I am also glad because tomorrow it is going to be alot cooler in bakersfield. I was not ready for 100+ degree weather yet. I have been staying home alot with little v because I didnt want to expose him to the heat. just way to hot to take him newhere.

so on saturday i will be 30 years old. I am not sure how to feel about that. just seems surreal and weird to me. doesnt seem like it should be this year. oh well. well ttyl


new vincent pics

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new vincent blog url

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vincent's blog

well today has been a good day got up and saw to vincent and knitted a little bit. have some new pictures here seven pics for my makeup for the 365 blog went to my yarn sho[ and got my first shop sample to knit up. im excited. i will knit for yarn hehe lol
and heres some new vincent pictures and a picture of the lunar eclipse

this whole week has been a pretty good week. vincent is doing good. i got my swap package done and to the yarn shop so I am happy with it. cant wait till tomorrow so I can pickup my swap package. it is completely awesome.
here is my swap package i knitted two brown plain washcloths and one washcloth with a pattern. a brown beanie, and a soap sack for the coco zum soap from lassens., a dark chocolate bar, green tea, and some fizzy soap balls for the bath. i hope gail likes it.

the three new pics for 365 behold the washcloths

the first washcloth is a more detailed picture of the one i gave in my swap and the second one i knitted for my kenny and the this one is for my google knit along group.

and last but certainly not least VINCENT PICTURES :-D

today has been a good weekend. got alot of stuff done around the house. took some pictures of my dishcloth for the monthly knit along challenge here are the pictures above. also took some pictures of vincent today. ill post them below. i just about have everything knitted up for my yarn swap at the shop. still debating doing the scarf to go with it i might if i find an easy enough pattern to do. well onto the vincent pics

i will post more in a little bit because i am going to take more washcloth pictures

taxes done

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woohooo taxes are done and ill file tomorrow and than wait for the check to come. yeah coolness. today was a good day. got some more holy cow cleaner for kenny. his favorite new cleaning product. completely biodegradable and organic and all that stuff, wooohooo well not much more to do but add the 365 pics for today

my old frog buddha hes in heaven now he is called a whites dumpy tree frog

hand died yarn and pics for 365

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pics five and six

my first attempt at hand dyeing yarn using wiltons dye.
i did the dyeing at abc's of creative pursuits once or twice a month
they hold a dye workshop for 20.00 not including the price of
your yarn. i had a blast. unfortunately the digital camera is not doing
justice to the color my yarn really is. i look forward to doing lots of dyeing of
yarn at home as well.

football dishcloth for my january knit along. football themed
for the superbowl of course. knit with goa ggh. i think im definately going
to give this one to grandpa ralph because he likes football and i dont really like

vincent is doing good. i took him outside today and showed him to our neighbor mary. she was delighted to see him. when i had him out in the sun i could see his strawberry blond hair. looked really red. it was neat.

pics for february 3 AND 4

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quilt that kim made me. i love it

little vincent in his polo shirt

365 pictures for feb 1 and 2

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lightning storm in bakersfield

me in idaho when it was snowng

today was a good day went to petco and told my manager i was not going to be going back to work. she was cool with it she said she would hire me back if I wanted to go back so thats cool. im glad i left on good terms.

i am so tired right now. I am going to go to sleep pretty soon.

i cast on for my first pair of socks. I am happy for this. i have wanted to make a pair of socks for a long time. well im out im so sleepy going to work on my sock some more before I go to bed.