cute contest

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this is a really adorable contest. Nifty crochet works is having a giveaway for a very cute crocheted dog pattern. this is so cute. go over and show her some bloggy love and enter her contest and say my blog sent you if you like

Twilight won best picture at the MTV Movie Awards w00t!!!! Saw the new trailer for New Moon wickedness NEW MOON MOVIE SPOILER!!!!

The scene was so not by the book at all. its when Laurent finds Bella in the meadow and starts to go after her. Instead it is by Jacobs house on the res and ou hear Bella go jacob look out and than see him shift into his wolf self. kind of lame that they filmed it in that context but seeing Jacob(down with wolfs) shift was kind of cool. The birthday scene at the beginning was tight but i didnt seem like her arm injury was as bad as in the book but it was a short scene so its hard to tell. cant wait till november but i guess ill have to. oh also Kristen stewart was like oh a papercut she seemed to have no emotion kind of sucked. and KS her dress was okay but who the hell wears converse with a dress kind of lame. okay i watched it again and it wasnt as bad as i thoughi think kristen stewart needs to work on her emotional range though.

heres some pictures:

here are some new pictures of vincent. dad let vincent water the lawn. thats why he is all muddy.

this was the sky on Friday thought we were going to get some rain or lightening but nope nothing.

this is my hat knit out of samples from my phat fiber boxes. the pattern is the rosalie hat from twilight and it is on ravelry

vincent on his riding horse with his makeshift McDonald's Halloween bucket helmet lol

vincent in his box

well got to go finish up my phat fiber box and get it all packaged up for the mail tomorrow.

have a good evening and keep watching my blog this week because I will be posting my blog contest on wednesday.

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handmade news is awesome!!!! there is all kinds of information about the handmade world all kinds of features how to do things on etsy and so much more. check it out here they are also accepting applications for editors and columnists right now as well.

we love thor giveaway

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we love thor giveaway at phat fiber check it out here

All of the stitch markers above will be available in my store this afternoon

I made these stitch markers to put in my store but i ended up loving them and decided to keep them

this is my latest hand dyed yarn it is lana grossa

I hope everyone has a happy memorial day with their families and loved ones and remembers all the brave men and women who fought and lost their lives for our country so that we can be free

may phat fiber box

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I received my may phat fiber box today. It is wonderful. I love everything. Here are some pics:

this is an overall pic of all the fiber:

Sample 1:
This sample is from Bohemian Knitter Chick. These are hand washed and dyed Romney Locks very nice. I love the colors very much

This is 100 percent cashmere fiber from 7 Yaks Design. This fiber is so soft. I love squeezing it.

This sample is from We Love Thor.
The colorway is called Garden Variety and is 100 percent superwash merino wool. I love the fiber from We love Thor. The colors are so vibrant and nice from one spectrum of color to the other.

This sample is from Greenwood Fiberworks The color is called Fields of Flowers and is mini hand painted roving merino wool and is .25 oz. This samples is so soft. I am getting all giddy about spinning some up.

This sample comes from Corgi Hill Farm. The color is Hyacinth and is Super wash merino. I love this. My favorite color and I love the shine in it. Nice. I lurve it.

This sample is 100 percent pure milk fiber from Moonwood Farm. This is so soft like butter. yummyness. The color is called Nebula.

This mini batt is just gorgeous. It has a wonderful sheen with sparklies added. It is from Vines and the color is fool in the rain. This is totally smooshy batt love it. must have more.

now onto the yummy yarn

This yarn is from Serendipitous Ewe.
It is sock yarn and is 80 percent Superwash Merino Wool/20 percent nylon. The colorway is called Sweet Garden. I love this colorway. reminds me of a colorway for the Coraline movie i have seen around.

This sample is from Plum Crazy ranch and Fiber Art. This is hand dyed hand spun baby alpaca plied with rayon slub. This is gorgeous yarn. I love the colorway and it has a wonderful sheen. yummy. I used to live pretty close to where this sample is from when I lived in Oregon.

This sample is so beautiful. It reminds me of chocolate roses. This sample comes from The Yarn Side. The colorway is Gerbera Dawn. It is 100 superwash merino and the base yarn is a bulky yarn.

This sample is From Ewe to Ewe. This is 100 percent merino wool. I love this yarn. it is always smooth and nice.

This sample if from The Twice Sheared Sheep this is a recycled yarn and is 100 percent silk and is a cobweb/lace weight. I love the deep plum color. very nice.

This sample is from Knit It Up This yarn is called Spring Bouquet and the word that comes to mind when I squeeze it is sproing. lol This yarn is a fingering weight and is 80 percent superwash merino and 20 percent nylon. it is awesome.... sproing!!!!

This sample is so wonderful. It very well could take Noro's place in my heart. This sample is called Tigerlillies and Nastutiums. absolutely beautiful color. thank you

So alas those are all the yarn and fiber samples. I love it. so nice. thank you everyone who contributed. you did an awesome jobas always.

as for my other goodies I received
2 stitch markers from 4 Stitch Me Knot

this beautiful button from Summers Studio Pottery

An awesome stitch marker from Oddish Creations it has a very pretty semi precious stone on it.

From Black Tie Fiber Arts A natural wood bead stitch marker.

and two wonderful bookmarks from Greenwood fiber art. well there she be ladies and gents. time to get back to next months samples. tata for now

Darcy is hosting a contest for Patt at Darcys Knotty Knitter I love the project bag and the little sheep stitch markers. check it out