this is what i did most of the day

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so this is what i did all day from not being able to go anywhere because my car is in the shop. ao was at home with baby boy v and did this in between nap times and playing. not bad so all of these stitch markers are for sale except for the one that only has four in it and is gold and green the ones that are on the blue background are for sale also. I have some of them posted to my etsy store but if they arent and you are interested just message or email me oh and the pictures of the stitch markers that are on the yarn is from my phat fiber sampled box. its one of the items i traded darcy knotty knitter for.pretty huh? and it also is a good backdrop for stitchmarkers.:-)

ok so my car is fixed ill be able to get it tomorrow. cheapest repair ever I was thinking it was going to cost us alot of money but it was not a major repair. my ignition wire came undone from the starter and thats why it didnt start cost me all of 40 bucks thank goodness we just put and alternator in it and I was going to be so sad if it was expensieve alternator was 400 bucks and we still have to pay that off too sigh. too much stuff. got to pay car insurance tomorrow as well. hey im going to be selling my sony dcr-trv250 video camera as well for 150 bucks it is older but i bought it new from best buy when I worked there and it still works great i have about seven hours of use on it total i think . i even have three new tapes to throw in with it. so if you know neone who wants a video camera. its in good shape. well got to go ttyl.