good day today

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had a nice relaxing day. my husband had a half day so he was home most of the day which was nice. got my swap package today from abcs for the swap. i love everything. especially the pink aurora 8 nice pink yummy. i found a pattern for a cowl with buttons i want to make. im not going to start it yet until i get some of my projects off the needles. i am stuck as far as my clapotis goes. the file where i was checking off my progress is on my other husband has to fix my computer. the power supply started overheating and was making it not work right. im glad i caught it when i did it really could hav fried my computer. than i would be sad. so now im on my laptop. im not used to typeing on this keyboard, makes my wrist hurt. so instead of working on my clap im working on an inside out scarf made out of noro and one of the project linus squares for karen at abcs so i will be done with my first project linus square tomorrow. than i will start square number two and watch a movie or something on tv after vincent goes to bed so i can not concentrate on the knitting because sometimes it does get tedious but i like to do it. in between i guess i can always work on my scarf a little bit.

todays weather was great i loved all the wind and rain. tonight is significantly quiter than last night was. winds were whipping pretty good. well i am going to go read a little than go to sleep. siigh another day *yawn*