Little man

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rocket yarn phat fiber giveaway

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this was an awesome weekend! it was overcast almost all weekend but too muggy. It spit a couple of raindrops for like five minutes this weekend. wish it would have rained more.
So I spent all day with my parents and our polymer clay teacher. she taught my parents and I how to make polymer clay canes. I made a leaf cane which turned out awesome and so beautiful. here are pictures:

Thursday I went to a small farmers market and I picked up some wonderful jalapeno bread made fresh by a local bakery and some wonderful asian pears from a local grower. so yummy look:

I also made tandoori chicken on friday with traditional indian rice which has a jasmine smell very light and fragrant rice and naan bread. my naan bread didnt turn out right. I need to try a different recipe I think. Next week I think Im going to make chana samosa maybe those are yumm also. here is my picture of our yummy dinner:

twas yummy. well im out for tonight going to go read some new moon before bed.

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vincent not even a month old yet

vincent 19 months old

me with the chic fil a cow im rocking the hand knits the entrelac scarf is made out of noro kureyon and my hat is made out of malabrigo. my dad and I camped out for 24 hours for free food for a year from chic fil a. the one day and night we decided to do this it was freezing and it rained for almost 24 hours straight. that was in march 2008 it never rains that much here. and than we had cold wet fog overnight. i was so cold.there was rules alos had to check in every hour and stuff like that.

here is some of the little tent city. look how nasty the sky looks it stopped raining for about 2 minutes and than started pouring again.

you can see all the fog in the background by the street lights bakersfield is like tule fog capitol of the world lol. we get bad fog in the winter when we have alot of rain.

my dad rocking the dead fish hat I made for him he loves his hat

this is my favorite picture of all time i won tickets to see tori amos play in a private concert only 100 people were let in. I am the one standing next to her in the Relapse Trigger shirt. she had her hand on my shoulder so cool. was an awesome day. tori is such an amazing pianist and singer.

here i am with Ray Bradbury. He signed my copy of farenheit 451 and something wicked this way comes. he is extraordinary and very nice. his publicist took pur pictures with him because we forgot our cameras and mailed the pictures to my mom. how awesome is that. I was still very weak here because I had had emergency surgery two weeks prior to going down to the borders book store at the grove to see him. yes i ws really that pale at the time. bakersfield to la. i was so tired when I got home.

another pic of my dad from chic fil a day i love this picture he is in his rain gear

my dad was a scoutmaster for many years so he knows how to make his opwn rain gear quite well. lol

well im out have a nice day going to go to sleep now. i think my eyes are red. chriss angel is on tv. looks weird because he has a full beard and looks so scruffy weird

This giveaway is gorgeous. Darcy is hosting this giveaway for Sandra Singh. Sandra Singh is a talented and wonderful individual with whom I had the pleasure to meet at one of the meetups at the double tree. I had to but a skein of yarn of course. It was too pretty not too. LOL With this giveaway you have a chance to win the kit to make the mitts. The yarn included to make said mitts is 2 skeins of Malabrigo(yummy-a-brigo in my book)in colors Hollyhock and Marron Oscuro and the pattern. So gorgeous!! You definately need to check this contest out here and enter!!!! Here is a little enticement:

isnt this tempting?

my wonderful yarn I won in a drawing from Dodge Creations Group
here are some pics of hand dyed I did last night

relaxed day

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Today I am having a nice relaxed day. I went to the dollar store to get some household items this morning with the bean. I like the dollar store in Oildale. The store is very well stocked compared to the dollar store by my house. They already have some decorations for Halloween for sale:

I also found a compilation of fantasy call Fantasy The Best of the Year 2008. I was happy about that. I needed some new reading material.

here is some spinning I did on the kiwi wheel at my LYS I am not good at spinning yet. I think I like the drop spindle better because I can control it better. Everything becomes with practice. So I imagine after I have my own wheel it will make a big difference because I can use it whenever I want.

Here is a picture of little man under his new quilt. This wonderful quilt was made
Wendy from Land of Poling Blog She did a wonderful job and Vincent takes it everywhere.

here is the bamboo roving I just got
this is with a flash

This is without flash
I am going to dye this up as soon as I order some more on friday. this bamboo is so soft. should be fun to dye!!!!

This soap right here:

is wonderful, awesome stupendous I won it from East Coast Tropics They have some awesome soaps. I am going to be getting some for my mom and mil for xmas. I think they will like them. Every month they give away a bar of soap. The Lavender Herbal smells absolutely heavenly. It makes me want to grow my own lavender and make soap. You should definitely check out their web page and there blog as well. well im out of here for now. I am going to post another blog later today with some very pretty yarns from Dodge Creations Group. Stay tuned.

today I helped my dad move some of his stuff to storage with the truck. was a good day. not to bad. I just finished up my stitch marker contest today. I hope everyone enjoys there stitch markers. I dyed some yarn today. The type of yarn I dyed is called Licorice Twist 100% merino wool. With the Licorice Twist yarn the two different plies of yarn take the dye differently. The yarn looks really nice. Here is a pic:

I have 560 yards. Cant wait till it is dry so I can knit knit knit w00t!!!
here are some pictures of the bean:

well I am all tuckered out for the evening so I am out. Will write more tomorrow or the next day