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hi everyone!:-) This month the National Alpaca Farms Days are going to be be happening on September 27 and September 28. Click hereto read more about it. quoted from the website;"Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association marketing committee has designed a comprehensive plan to increase awareness of alpacas. We hope you will visit an alpaca farm and join us to make this day successful." I think it should be quite a bit of fun to go to and the web page helps you find a farm near you. If you live in Bakersfield and surrounding areas the farm details are at Field of Dreams Alpacas. I got to see their booth at the Mountain Festival in Tehachapi and there alpaca yarn was so soft and in so many great colors. They are definitely worth having a look at.

We finally got all the immediate family together meaning me and my family and my brother and his family and my parents up in apple valley at the same time and got a picture with grandma Davis. It will be nice to have to show them when there older. That way they can know what there grandma looks like. I cannot seem to find my memory card right now so I will have to post the picture later. Drat

All is well in B land. little man is growing like a weed. he is going to be out of his nine month old clothes pretty soon. he is crawling everywhere and is standing up propped by his hands for short periods of time 1 to 3 minutes. he is also taking steps now around the fireplace with his hands propped on the edge of the fireplace. oh and he has two bottom teeth and he thinks its funny to bite my big toe. If I am on the computer and my legs hanging down he will crawl up all stealthy like and bite my toe it is kind of funny but it hurts also. those little teeth are sharp. well i am going to sign off. have to get ready to leave and go let moms dogs out in a little bit because they are out of town. man im so tired. i need some starbucks.