ellen ellen ellen

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so today is the ellen show!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited. one of her interns called me yesterday and asked for us to be there early because they changed check in time till 1 pm instead of 3 pm because we get to screen jim carrys new movie yes man which doesn't come out till friday. after that we film the show. im really excited to go. should be fun. its also the twelve days of christmas giveaway and since were going to be in the audience we get schwag!!!!!!!!!!!! schwag is good. I hope today is a big day for schwag. it would be cool to get a camera or a nintendo wii. but they have already given away those things so we shall see/ oh and jim carry is going to be on the show as well. i love him. hes so funny. good thing my moms not going. she cant stand him at all. ehhhhh im so excited. i think ill get ear plugs before we go in because it is really loud in there. i was half deaf when my dad and i were in the riff raff room. ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh super excited. so the show they are taping today; tuesday will be on wednesday.

MUSE in Twilight

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birthday giveawya contest

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ruffled feather birthday is december 11. she is giving this away to one lucky winner: two handmade cards a cowl and a handmade critter. so go on over to her site and wish her a happy birthday and enter to win also.
oh and if you get a video to her of you singing happy birthday to her you get 50 extra entries:-) so go clock here
to visit her and spread some cheer.

so many events coming up.

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i am suddenly feeling the urgency of the holiday season. this sunday is vincents birthday party. on tuesday the 16 me my husband and my dad are going to be in the Ellen studio audience. the cool thing though is that we are going to be on one of the twelve days of christmas show and we have the potential to take home up to 3,000 in schwag. so i hope we go on a good day. i want a macbook air and a new dig cam would be nice. but im sure whatever i get will be cool today they gave away 3,000 worth of stuff today. one item alone was 1,100 and it was an 18k gold necklace. crazyness other events going on are christmas of course also my fifth wedding anniversary is on december 22. so hopefully we wont have any earthquakes on our anniversary. i think that every year. lol and new years of course should be a nice stay at home event which is fine ill stay at home and watch rockin new years and drink some buttery nipples. yummy i love that drink. i have another contest coming up soon. this one is for the mommies and includes some dishcloths some knitting schwag and some yummy soap. i will post more about it on january 1st. i just need to get through the holidays first than will talk in more depth about the contest.

see this guy he needs a home and if you click here: dk mommy spot you get a chance to win a free one. well four chances if you do everything on the list to win one.

thrifty and chic mom

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is having a contest to win a cute rattle from ecoleeko just go to her blog and check out the details. the rattle you can choose which one and its an organic materials rattle. so cute.

finger puppet set giveaway

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ok mommies these finger puppets are so cute. there free trade and hand knitted with a hand knit carrying case. so cute enter to win the here: click here to enter

i hope i win these. there so cute.

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well not to much going on here. little man has a head cold so he is not feeling to well. we were going to go to the christmas parade tonight but not now. uh i just finished knitting my forest canopy shoulder shawl and my cabled fingerless gloves. i think im going to gift out the fingerless gloves to lindsy maybe. im knitting a new pair out of tofutsies for myself fron the 101 designer one skein wonders book. cool article that some alapaca owners doing nice things for cancer patients well will write more later.peace