good times

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last week I had a really good week. I went up to the casino by my brothers house in Jackson California. it is on an Indian res. So I was down to my last five dollars and I won 470.00 way cool!!! I was happy. Also on the way there was a cheese factory. I got to sample yummy cheeses.
this is the view from the front. I think it was in Travers Ca.

and here is a picture of all the cheeses made there that they sell. num yummy.
and here is a picture of the cheese after its been washed. I love cheese
so all in all it was a fun trip with a great buffet at the casino.

here is some nice shots of our cloudy skies over the last couple of days
this was taken in the southwest off of wible

these were taken at the panorama bluffs

this is my best friend lindsy and holding our kids b and v

and he is all of us from my friends going away party last night. shes moving to alaska and she is either leaving tomorrow or tuesday. :-(

we all had a good time. this was after several buttery nipples. lol and what are buttery nipples you might ask irish creme and butterscotch schnapps. yum

oh and here is a video that I took while up at my brothers. he races these cars there pretty cool and cost anywhere from 2500 to 3500 dollars. expensive hobby.

also tonight at midnight I will be using the random number generator and choosing a winner for the contest. yeah!!!!!!!! good luck everyone.
also this gal has and awesome web page and she has good rates if you want buttons for your blog or a complete redesign. its nice also this nice gal is hosting a contest for a complete redesign of your blog by the gal listed above. be sure to tell her vbarton24 sent you over.

well got to run flight of the conchords is on


  1. Nell // February 9, 2009 at 12:02 PM  

    WooHoo for winning big!!!