it was a long day indeed

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woke up at 730 to get ready and go to the doctor's office. 1030 baby v got a 4 in one shot. he cried a lot poor guy i hate when he has to get a shot. so after that i came home and had lunch. after that had another appointment and than had to go turn in some paperwork at another county office. spent my whole day waiting on people to see me. grr.

here are some pictures from my phat fiber box for april 2009 i love it all. thank you for all the hard work that you put into these boxes every month. the dread lock yarn i love it not sure what to do with it yet but i love it.

here is a picture of my kip bag from ruddawg

this is so cute i love it. This is my second bag I have of hers. I received on in a swap. I bought one for someone in a swap and now I bout myself one. I am going to be getting another next week for the contest I have coming up. you can find ruddawg here she does a wonderful job and contributes to the Phat Fiber box quite a bit. I love everything she does with her little, medium, and big sized bags.

I also received my 7 yaks needle gauge. . I love it
I just need to get a diz from 7 yaks now
here is their etsy store link alot of great products there!
I also received the cutest baby booty pattern as a thank you. so cute i cant wait to make them.

here is a pic of the hat i made for my friend. It is part of a care package that will be headed to Wrangell Alaska

this is the inside it is double lined.
I got the pattern off of Ravelry . You can find the pattern on The Purl Bee. It is a free pattern. I like it because it is vintage. I have had a thing for vintage lately.

I also knit up a hat for L and B the two youngest.
They are The London Beanie.
Here are the pics:

these beanies are very stylish. I hope they like them . I still need to block them. Than they will be headed off to Alaska.

I have already recycled my Phat Fiber box. It is going to be headed to Alaska as a care package for my best friend with the hats above and several other items. There are no dollar stores in Alaska and everything is more expensive. I got her some toothpaste and toothbrushes for her and the kids and some other items and of course the hand knits. i still have to knit the boys up some beanies as well.

this is the market bag pattern from my phat fiber box. I love it. So cute. I am going to make alot of these. I decided to use size 10 needles instead of size 5 though. The 5's just were not working out.

here is the cutest littlest sock that I won in a contest from Darcy's Knotty Knitter I love ya Darcy you are so sweet. I had the most entries so I won the sock. It went on my key chain right away. My son saw it and was like uhhhh uhhhh. I was like nope mommies sock get your own lol.

well i think im all posted out. going to knit a bit than crash. sigh eyelids drooping

what a good week already

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So good things this week are

1. My Phat fiber box should be coming. I got a just stitches because I like to knit more than spin. I do like spinning though. I hope I get lots of yarn to play with.
2. I won the contest at Go Graham Go from the Polka Tot Boutique . I asked for the number 2 shirt if possible with the train design on it. Hopefully that is doable. I did not ask. I hope I don't get a number 3 shirt if I do I will just save it. So that is cool got some cute free schwag for my little man.
3. Jolly Mom was giving away via Little fit the cutest hats for your little ones. I won this contest as well. Here is the hat i chose for Vinnie. It is so cute. I just wanted to say again a big thank you to Go Graham Go, Polka Tot Boutique, Jolly Mom and Little Fit for the wonderful prizes.:-) It has made my week.{{{{HUGS}}}}

Now mommy just needs to win that drop spindle I entered myself and and it will be a fantastic week. That or get the gnome in my phat fiber box. That would be so awesome. I almost have all my samples together for may's phat fiber box. they are super cute this month and with a different twist. I have to wait to show you though but I will take pictures. I am doing to flowers part of the theme for the box.

I now have a new blog. It is Vickie's Contest Blog It is where I post all about awesome contests like the ones mentioned above.

I am going to be having a contest coming up very soon. I am in need of a new name for my etsy store. I think vickie's knitted things name needs a more bubbly name. I sell stitch markers; not so much knitted things.

I have a couple other designs added as well. Go take a look if you like

here is my travel bug I am going to be releasing into the world soon:

here name is trixie and she is a fun key. some new toy i know nothing about. they had her at the dollar store and i thought she was cute. so now she is my travel bug. to learn more about travel bugs if your interested go to I hope she travels far.
well I am out of here for this morning. It has taken me two hours to do this blog post. I have discipline issues sometimes lol :-)

spring easter and other things

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this year was a good Easter. Vincent made out like a bandit this year like he did for Christmas. Poor kid is going to be so spoiled all his life. Today I am so tired. It was just a really busy weekend and it tired me out. well here is some pictures from april:

me dyeing Easter eggs while Vincent watches.

Vincent hunting Easter eggs.

Vincent grabbing an Easter egg.

the grandma's and the mommy.

Vincent pointing

signs of spring: flowers in my backyard

Does anyone know what these flowers are?

bee on a flower it would have been a lot better but a pigeon took off from the trellis above my head and scared me. I was a little shaky. I am also scared of insects so I was a little nervous when taking this picture.

I know this was supposed to be my contest post being my 100th post contest but it just didnt happen. I really wanted to do it this post but I couldn't put off posting anymore. So next weekend I will hopefully post my contest.