tour de fleece day one /NABLOPOMO

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funonionday1 by morgaine24
funonionday1, a photo by morgaine24 on Flickr.

today was a good day for TDF got two yarns finished. here is one of this this is a core spun yarn and I love it. After I finish dinner I am going to spin up 6 ounces of alpaca that is a light chocolate brown color., It is going to be my winter scarf. It is the second day of NABLOPOMO I am going to actually remember to blog everyday my drive band disappeared fore my spinning wheel. I think my three year old could be involved in its disappearance:-) I rigged it with crochet cotton for now and it works. well off to spin

Tour De fleece is almost here again. About 2 hours and 30 minutes before it starts.

I spun 15 yarns on my drop spindle last year my goal is to spin 20 yarns this year in between my spindle and my wheel. I will start spinning my first yarn at midnight and it will be fun can hardly wait. I will have lots of updates on my blog over the next fifteen days.