off to the...

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casino today. going up with my dad to jackson ca and to play my twenty dollars on some nickle slots. my dad won over 1000 bucks last time maybe ill get lucky too. so super shiny. a minvay with some slots. and ill get to see my nephews also. so my brother got a bill today for the car that was stolen saying it was impounded for ten days and was towed. thats such crap because I found it the day afterit was stolen. bs totally. oh and the fine 1500 dollars for the impound not counting towing fees. how can a car be in impound for ten days when I found it the day after it was stolen total crap i tell you. stupid law enforcement.


  1. Nell // February 4, 2009 at 2:01 PM  

    Have fun gambling. Just don't lose too much!