well today has been a good day got up and saw to vincent and knitted a little bit. have some new pictures here seven pics for my makeup for the 365 blog went to my yarn sho[ and got my first shop sample to knit up. im excited. i will knit for yarn hehe lol
and heres some new vincent pictures and a picture of the lunar eclipse

this whole week has been a pretty good week. vincent is doing good. i got my swap package done and to the yarn shop so I am happy with it. cant wait till tomorrow so I can pickup my swap package. it is completely awesome.
here is my swap package i knitted two brown plain washcloths and one washcloth with a pattern. a brown beanie, and a soap sack for the coco zum soap from lassens., a dark chocolate bar, green tea, and some fizzy soap balls for the bath. i hope gail likes it.

the three new pics for 365 behold the washcloths

the first washcloth is a more detailed picture of the one i gave in my swap and the second one i knitted for my kenny and the this one is for my google knit along group.

and last but certainly not least VINCENT PICTURES :-D

today has been a good weekend. got alot of stuff done around the house. took some pictures of my dishcloth for the monthly knit along challenge here are the pictures above. also took some pictures of vincent today. ill post them below. i just about have everything knitted up for my yarn swap at the shop. still debating doing the scarf to go with it i might if i find an easy enough pattern to do. well onto the vincent pics

i will post more in a little bit because i am going to take more washcloth pictures

taxes done

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woohooo taxes are done and ill file tomorrow and than wait for the check to come. yeah coolness. today was a good day. got some more holy cow cleaner for kenny. his favorite new cleaning product. completely biodegradable and organic and all that stuff, wooohooo well not much more to do but add the 365 pics for today

my old frog buddha hes in heaven now he is called a whites dumpy tree frog

hand died yarn and pics for 365

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pics five and six

my first attempt at hand dyeing yarn using wiltons dye.
i did the dyeing at abc's of creative pursuits once or twice a month
they hold a dye workshop for 20.00 not including the price of
your yarn. i had a blast. unfortunately the digital camera is not doing
justice to the color my yarn really is. i look forward to doing lots of dyeing of
yarn at home as well.

football dishcloth for my january knit along. football themed
for the superbowl of course. knit with goa ggh. i think im definately going
to give this one to grandpa ralph because he likes football and i dont really like

vincent is doing good. i took him outside today and showed him to our neighbor mary. she was delighted to see him. when i had him out in the sun i could see his strawberry blond hair. looked really red. it was neat.

pics for february 3 AND 4

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quilt that kim made me. i love it

little vincent in his polo shirt

365 pictures for feb 1 and 2

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lightning storm in bakersfield

me in idaho when it was snowng

today was a good day went to petco and told my manager i was not going to be going back to work. she was cool with it she said she would hire me back if I wanted to go back so thats cool. im glad i left on good terms.

i am so tired right now. I am going to go to sleep pretty soon.

i cast on for my first pair of socks. I am happy for this. i have wanted to make a pair of socks for a long time. well im out im so sleepy going to work on my sock some more before I go to bed.

17-31 for 365

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carousel at sana monicapier

lady doing hand sculptures of peoples faces at the santa monica pier

this looks like the restaurant that i think was in indiana jones movie
i may be wrong though

jake from the band relapse trigger

alley cat sign downtown

kid skateboarding at the park on oleander

waterwheel at hart park

congregation bnai jacob downtown

kitty cat at the cat people store downtown

fountain at the centennial garden

my best friends fingers on her fret board g cord i think

one of turtles

heads and tails

this is our outside kitty. he is the biggest love.

sunset obviously