My Tour De Fleece spinning

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This year I got to take part of my first Tour De Fleece. I had such a good time with all the spinning and camaraderie. It was an awesome good time.

First off here are all my yarn spun up. I spun 15 yarns on my drop spindles.

This fiber is from Counting Sheep Farms and is cormo, alpaca, and silk. Such a lovely mix. CHF has this for sale in her shop all the time I believe. This one is an n-ply as well.

This is from Counting Sheep Farms as well and the colorway is fire and the fiber content is merino. It is an n-ply

This Fiber is from BeeMiceElf and was from my swap partner. It is an n-ply.

The fiber I made this yarn with came from EverImprovingMe and is the any port in a storm colorway and is Polwarth. Such a lovely spin.

The fiber for the next two yarns came from Boho Knitter Chic. She is the goddess of glorious batts and roving.
Fiber Content: Merino Top this is a single.

This fiber is called purple cone flower and the fiber content is Fiber Content: merino, Angelina, bamboo. it is an n-ply.

Sunset Farm Fiber from Fleecemakers this yarn is a single
its fiber content is f firestar, angelina, tencel and bamboo,
super silky Romney and a finn shetland romney cross
fleece along with dyed mohair

This is a lace weight single and is from Spindies. It is the coral box

This fiber came from Froggy Fibers and is Merino
This is a lace weight single.

This fiber is from Corgi Hill Farms
and is merino, silk, firestar-shimmer. It is n-ply

these little bits are the last I spun from the TDF
this is from Into the Whirled and is a single.

this one was one of my goals. to spin a whole skein on my Jenkins Turkish Delight.
This is n-ply

this is my first and last spin for the tour

I had a good time doing all this spinning and have perfected my n-ply.

here is what I am working on now:

my hamm batt for the Crafty Puppy Lover Toy Story SAL

and my corgi hill farm wensleydale roving im am currently spinning on my Jenkin's Turkish Delight

here s vincent modeling my Jenkins. he is getting so big.

here I am with my drop spindle and my bearded dragon

here I am spinning downtown at the amtrack station in Bakersfield next to the giant globe fountain

July 5, 2010

I have been doing a lot of spinning lately for Tour De Fleece. I had a fun weekend at ABC's of Creative Pursuits. I got to go play with Karen's acid dyes. It was a lot of fun. I definitely have to get my own acid dyes someday. It is a lot of fun to dye with them.

Fourth of July was a lot of fun. Good food and a good time with family. Little man had a good time and like to run around when the strobe fireworks were going off. It was funny.

well here is some pictures from what has been going on

these are pictures of illegal fireworks people in our neighborhood were setting off. pretty though

this is my tour de fleece day 1 and 2 accomplishments. 200 yards of lace of lace to fingering weight yarn. my hands are so sore from spinning. LOL

I will post more pictures later of some more hand dyed yarn and roving I did this weekend. They are drying right now. I also have some new little man pictures to post up as well. ttfn

here is my acid dyed cascade 220

I was still rinsing here.

Here she is all wound up

I used hot pink, purple, and teal jacquard acid dyes. So much fun. can't wait to do it again:-)