This week has been so nice. Thanksgiving was a little hairy. Little man usually has the run of his grandparents house as far as having no other kids around. My husbands cousin was there with her little ones. At one time or another one of them was screaming because they kept on taking toys from each other. Vincent is almost 2. Her girl I think is almost 5. Made for a long headache filled evening. I was so happy for bedtime.

So now it is Sunday and im up late as usual. The only time I can get anything crafty done sometimes. I made these polymer clay buttons last night:
Some of these are going to be sent in as samples to phat fiber this month. I need to make some more tomorrow.:-)Let me know what you think.

So this week I won some really awesome prizes. The first one that I absolutely adore and cannot wait to receive is this:
photo courtesy of Bella Merce
This wonderful artisan makes jewelry inspired by The Twilight Saga. Isn't it shiny:-)
Womb at the Innsane had a contest for whoever did the best promoting of Bella Merce web page won this wonderful prize. I posted on forums, facebook, and did lots of blogging and tweeting about it.

The second item I won was from The Cats Paw. A yard of Christmas Material. I love it. I think im going to make a stocking out of it maybe . Barbara has lots of wonderful material. If you sew you should definitely go check out her online storefront. Here's a picture of the beautiful material:

This item is so cute and functional as well. Vincent is still a little young for it but it will come in handy when he is ready It is called a Shandle. It clips onto the toilet seat and from the looks of it boys can use it to left up the seat so they do not have to touch the seat. It also has a hand washing reminder on the side when the toilet seat is up. Too cute!!! I won this from Work out mommy reviews. Thank you so much:-)

I was working on knitting my husband a Bokaclava mask. Just type in demon at and you will find it. I got so mad at the wrap and turn rows just threw it down. I hate wrap and turn. I am thinking it is going to get frogged. I will give it one more go tomorrow when the bean is at the grandparents. If it is a no go its out of here.

Here are all my samples spun up from Novembers phat fiber box:
I will post a picture of it on the niddy noddy tomorrow. So you can see all the colors.:-)

This is my hat which is going to be going into my etsy store soon for 9.00 plus shipping:
The yarn is Cascade220 for both colours. I hand dyed the cherry color.

well that is all for now and im out.

Jollymom is giving away an hp touchsmart computer this computer is so awesome check it out here at HP and also go to Jollymom to enter.

Bella Merce video by me

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hello everyone here is my video telling you about Bella Merce twilight series inspired jewelery. She has such wonderful jewelry. If I do not win I am definitely going to buy me some or request some for Christmas. without further ado the video

Bella Merce has some very amazing twilight series jewelry you should check it out here because it is awesome and beautiful and its SHINY.

here comes santa clause contest

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here comes santa claus contest starting nov 23 2009 on go graham go and jolly mom check it outu

extreme close up

super excited im running at you vincent

the fun thing today was Frisbee.
little man like playing with the and hitting me on my eye with them. ouch. he lost them after that

vincent playing with my glasses i love these

November has been quite busy. A little bit of travel. Learning lots of polymer clay techniques.

I received my phat fiber box today. Everything is just gorgeous. Here are the pics

here we have
Giffordables Through the Woods


and Boho Knitter Chic's Turkey Stuffing

Knit it Up

Extreme Spinning

i love this ruddawg bag so cute.

such a cute box for this month.

here are some buttons im currently working on made out of polymer clay:
let me know what you think

this is the center piece of my necklace that I am making to wear to tomorrow's new moon premiere there are matching beads as well

this is my brother and his oldest son Matthew

This is my son Vincent(closest to the camera) and his younger cousin and my brother youngest son Tristan

This is my dad with his flip mino. I have one and so does my husband. We got them from the 12 days of Christmas show that Ellen does every year.Awesome little video camera

these are a couple of old nuclear cooling towers close to my brother house. It is kind of weird to see these. My dad said a park is built on the same land because these are not used anymore. Who want's to go play at that park??? Not me. I'll pass.

well thats all folks ttyl

I have been not blogging because I have been doing other things crafty and kid related which did not give me much time to blog.

I was one of the lucky winners of Darcy's and Local Gringos lotion giveaway. This lotion is so terrific. I have only used the one sample called Hippie Chic because it is my favorite. I have not tried the others yet. I put the lotion on in the morning and washes a lot of dishes and gave little man a bath. I could still smell the lotion and my hands were still really soft. Very nice. I love it. Can't wait to get a full size bottle. I am really looking forward to trying the Cinnamon Cider next. Cinnamon is my next favorite smell. I also have a grapefruit blossom and tall cotton to try out.

here are my chocolate chip cookies stitch marker one of the ones i sent in for phat fiber november home for the holiday box these will be available for sale in my etsy store tomorrow

this is little man's christmas ornament this year I made him a gingerbread man

I should have my sock a little bit closer to being completed tomorrow. Ill take a picture and post it up.

Jollymom is giving away an HP touch smart computer I would love to have one of these someday they are so awesome!!!!!!! I just checked out the spec on this and they look awesome. so go check out to get your early entries. Early entries are not accepted after Nov. 22 2009

Today was an excellent day! Had a good time at the meet up at California Pizza Chicken. I did not eat but it all smelled so good. Sabrina; owner of Anzula Fibers came down from Fresno so we could look at all her pretty fibers and buy some. I walked away with 3.5 ounces of llama fiber so soft and pretty:

This is the yarn I got today also:

Knit sock samples of Anzula's Yarn:

Sabrina talking about her roving while Suzanne admires some BFL:

Thank you Sabrina from coming from Fresno. I had a wonderful time as did everyone else:-)
Darcy knitting on fingerless gloves the name of the pattern is toast I believe

this is for darcy she wanted to see my stitch markers:

here are chocolate ship cookies and sheep balls lol they are not fired or wired wrapped yet but here they are. If I feel motivated I might do some tonight.

truffles at my brothers house

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truffles at my brothers house and a pretty leaf

October has come and gone and I am happy for that. October is my favorite month of the year. I dress up I decorate none of that this year. Worst October ever. But we had a good Halloween little man was not to thrilled about wearing his costume. After we got out and started getting candy he was happier. here is a picture of him in his costume:

he is so tired. it was almost 8 o clock here.
His Grandpa Robinson got him its the great pumpkin charlie brown dvd. that was cool.

So my dad had a bad Halloween as well.some guy ran into my dads car twice and than stopped. My dads roommate was handing out candy out front. wrote down his license plate and called the cops. the guy than left. so he took out the back tail light. I am so glad I don't live in Oildale anymore.