Whimsical Creations giveaway

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Whimsical Creations is having a giveaway for either a Mickey or Minnie Mouse ornament. check it out here and say Victoria Barton sent you please.

spinning and doctors appointments.

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Kenny and I went to the doctor today for the pregnancy.The baby is definitely doing okay. As of today the baby is head down and is most likely a girl the baby was so big it was hard to tell for sure. They are thinking girl though. Kenny and I got to see the face really well. He said the baby looked like me. lol The baby could could be born anywhere between the 12th and 17th of December. Hopefully it will not be on the 14th because that is Vincent's birthday.

I have been spinning this week a lot. The boho knitter chic spins group on ravelry is having an end of the year spin down your stash event so I am taking part in it. I figure it will be the last time I spin and not be interrupted continuously for awhile. This fiber is from Hobbledehoy fiber on etsy and is awesome. I love hobbledehoy fiber. It is 102 yards and is from Gemmy Batts no 97. It is a 2-ply

I have also been spinning on my Boho Knitter Chic(bohoknitterchic on etsy.com) Lotus colorway. It is South African Wool. I love it. It is so soft. I think it is going to be a three ply. It depends on my final yardage.

Here are some pictures of Vincent on Halloween:
He was Woody from Toy Story.

and here is Vincent at the Condors game. He loved seeing the game:

and here is Vincent in his new Buzz Lightyear pajamas

Ill post again later on this week as I spin more.

Bitten by books dot com is currently hosting a question session with Devon Monk and a kindle giveaway. You should definitely check it out. Devon is answering your questions as well which is super cool. here is the link go by and check it out