okay so tonight i went and saw the dark knight with my mom dad and crystal(one of my parents room mates). It was cool got in for free because she works at the theater which is kind of nice. Crystal gave me a hellboy 2 Mylar. I love it. my mom was so mad though because she always says she claims everything even when she doesn't. so she was mad crystal didn't give it to her. my mom was all trying to sweet talk me out of it but i was like nope sorry woman. I love ya but I got to go. lol oh and the movie was awesome heath ledger was awesome. I will miss his movies. Ever since I saw him in 10 things I hate about you I knew he was destined for greatness.

ok onto business: the red scarf project is a charitable knitting initiative that provides warmth and support to foster youth. this is a really great organization that helps foster kids who are in college and trade schools by providing them with scarves to keep them warm and hand written notes sent along with the scarf are also welcome as well. here is the link to go check it out for yourselves and maybe knit a scarf.

so tomorrow i am headed off to apple valley with my mom and dad to visit with grandma and so she can see Vincent. I can also get out of Bakersfield for a couple days. i really loathe this town. well got to go type to you later


  1. Darcy knotty Knitter // August 17, 2008 at 1:58 PM  

    Doy uo live in Bakersfield,Ca? there is a yarn store in apple valley.I live at Edwards AFB it is 1.5 hours from Bakersfield.lolHugs Darcy

  2. vickie // August 23, 2008 at 8:26 AM  

    yup sure do live in Bakersfield yeah i found the one at the village it is nice i found a lot of yarn ive never seen before and they have a good selection of different kinds of noro.

    my aunt works at Andrea's quilts also.