hand died yarn and pics for 365

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pics five and six

my first attempt at hand dyeing yarn using wiltons dye.
i did the dyeing at abc's of creative pursuits once or twice a month
they hold a dye workshop for 20.00 not including the price of
your yarn. i had a blast. unfortunately the digital camera is not doing
justice to the color my yarn really is. i look forward to doing lots of dyeing of
yarn at home as well.

football dishcloth for my january knit along. football themed
for the superbowl of course. knit with goa ggh. i think im definately going
to give this one to grandpa ralph because he likes football and i dont really like

vincent is doing good. i took him outside today and showed him to our neighbor mary. she was delighted to see him. when i had him out in the sun i could see his strawberry blond hair. looked really red. it was neat.