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so today was the big day. I went to joanne's today and they were giving five dollar gift cards away today and so I got some free sugar and creme stripes yarn with my gift card and saved a dollar as well because I had a fifty percent off coupon. so tomorrow I am going to go again and get two more skeins of yarn for free. it was kind of awesome. so here a pic of the yarn

the colour on the left is called natural stripes and the one on the right is pinky striped. I just love the colors. very nice. I have not seen these ones before so had to snag them up. While I was there also I was talking to a very nice gal about dishcloths and knitting on the bias and knitting just with a cast on amount of stitches and how the corner always sticks out and how to fix it. i said blocking is a good way to go and also to make sure you weave in your end well or to leave a loop to hang it on on that corner and than you don't notice the funky corner. if anyone has any advice on how not to get the funky corner let me know. I am open to ideas.

I also told the nice gal about abc's of creative pursuits. she had no idea that we had smaller yarn stores in bakersfield that weren't all corporate. i was like yeah theres a couple but abc's is the best and the people there are really nice and helpful. so newhos thats all for now. got to go check on the dogs its so hot here. I loathe the heat. blah.


  1. Amy Paden // October 1, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

    Hi! I linked over from your Rav profile.

    when I knit one the bias (like if doing Grandma's favorite dishcloth) I always cast off with at least 3 more stitches than what I cast on. It seems to help out with the funky corners a little bit.