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just to let everyone know. i am going to be having a contest to raise funds for my local spca chapter. they are in need of help all the time and solely rely on donations from the community. I am going to be giving away a knitted soap bag with a bar of zum soap(click here to see zum awesome soap i love it), size 10 square knitting needles and some other goodies. this is still in the planning stages. i will have all the details ironed out by friday. but how this is going to work is that 1.00 will get you 1 entry. you can send a money order made out to the bakersfield spca to me(i will provide contact information offline at the end of the contest on july 1st i will put everyones name in a hat with the appropriate number of entries and draw a winner. so thats just the rough details now message me if you have any questions or would like to donate something knitting related for the contest email me at vbarton24 at gmail dot com.