wow and some contests

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four followers i have four followers. i never thought I would have one. I'm so giddy(doing the happy snoopy dance) lol ok hip mountain momma is giving away a namaste's newest bag the zuma i like it so if you want a chance to win it go here and do the normal routine an email and a blog post. you have till friday so far im the third person who has entered turtle and darcy are ahead of me. man we are some contest fools aren't we ladies. I am always going for the contest lol. i guess when your a stay at home mom you have to do something when the baby is sleeping and the dishes are done. lol oh this is what i am making now actually as soon as i am done with this post I am going to be casting on. this is the first time that I am going to be doing a project with grafting so I hope I dont mess it up too badly. here is a pic of the yarn im using:

the yarn is from artsygal(clicky) and its 100% 3 ply merinowool superwash 480 yards. it is absolutely lusciuous and you should go check out her webpage sometime. wonderful yarn!!!:-) It makes me think of valentines day.:-)

so yesterday my little man gave gave me a demonstration to pass onto everyone on what acrylic yarn should be used for:

whimsical creations (clicky) is giving away a love fairy and a cherry blossom pendant. they are both so cute. go check out how to win. I would really like to have either prize they are both adorable. here is her blog also so you can get all the information to enter.

totally cute. and finally some more vincent cuteness

this is from his 1st birthday party last month.:-) he had a good time and got more presents for his first birthday put together than all the presents i got for my birthdays when i was a kid. can we say hi im slightly spoiled. lol thats okay as he grows up I will have lots of toys to donate to people who need them.