Macungie, Pennsylvania

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that where the last person is from who visited my blog. it is not a town or a city but a borough in leigh county pa interesting how in california we have cities but on the east coast its towns and boroughs i think they have alot better history (older history) than california. i found this interesting also

Macungie is derived from "Maguntsche," a place name used as early as 1730 to describe the region that is now present-day Macungie and Emmaus. "Maguntsche" is a Lenape word, meaning either "bear swamp"[1] or "feeding place of the Bears."[2] The borough's current seal depicts a bear coming to drink at water near some cattails.[3] see thats kind of cool

so a big wave to my visitor from Macungie Pa I hope your not freezing your arse off this winter. :-)