the great car theft of 2009

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okay so my parents got their car stolen from right out in front of their house on monday of this week. my mom is so depressed because she thinks she will never see her car again. so they call the sheriffs department and all they got was an answering machine saying please leave a message we will call you back. they never did. my dad saw some sheriffs gassing up at the gas station and made a report with them okay so everyones bummed the car is going. so now i am going to go over to my moms house and take her to the movies to get her mind off things she is too depressed to even go. Im like ok that fine. so i am determined still to go over and visit her anyways. so im crusing down decatur. i had just got off the freeway. im about a block and a half past the seven eleven on decatur and I l0ok over into the allie for some reason and i just barely saw the tip of the rear end of a car that looked like it could be my dads. i was like theres no way man. so i go and drive down the alley and sure enough my dads car is sitting right there. so of course im in total freakout got to call the sheriff mode. i was shaking so bad i could barely call 411 to get the sheriffs number(its now programmed into my phone) so i finally get ahold of someone and the dispatcher is like we will have someone out their shortly. I was all like okay please hurry. so im waiting like 30 minutes i call my dad and say dad i found the car ive never seen him drive anywhere so fast. so I get a call from an undercover chp officer asking if i approached the car and i was like no i just drove past it to check to see if it was the car and parked further down the alley he asked me do you think your parents will let us use their car because we have surveillance on it and are waiting for the guys to come back and get it. I was like no way man my dad would want his car back. you are so crazy for asking me that. what a freak. so he finger printed the whole car on the trunk and other places. when my dad was talking to him he told my dad that they use peoples cars that they know are stolen and dont even call the people when their done they just send them to the impound yard and you are lucky if you get a phone call at all. so that was such a crazy day i can hardly believe it still that I found my parents car completely by accident. that stuff just doesnt happen. oh and a big thanks to chp for their wonderful attitude concering other peoples property :-)


  1. Aunt Kathy // January 24, 2009 at 8:40 AM  

    Wow, that is just amazing. God takes care of His own for sure.

  2. Turtle // January 24, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

    wow, and it was in good condition? That is amazing. Once years ago my boyfriend and i got into his dads hometown and were headed over to their house when we saw his brothers car at a 7-11. We stopped in to say hi and see what was happening for the weekend. His brother wasn't inside, but as we stood outside a guy came out and started approaching his brothers car. So we asked him, hey why do you have this car? He took off running, we were very confused and called the house to find out the car had been stolen from their driveway the night before. The car was fine but the guy was never caught, so weird sometimes!

  3. Nell // January 31, 2009 at 8:20 PM  

    Wow! You're a hero!!! I hope it all works out and the thiefs are caught.