its wednesday yeah!!!!!!

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middle of the week woohoo!!! its seems like it has been a really long week already. I got my tooth pulled on monday. The inside of my mouth and my jaw is still really sore. okay i am so mad. i got into the car tonight to go o the store. i got back and was looking around and i think someone broke into the car at the house. well the stole all my one year olds toys out of the back seat of the car. his curious george fireman which was on his diaper cake at the baby shower. his grover i got him and alot of other toys. most from his baby shower. I am so mad I want to cry. I hate people. If I see any neighborhood kids with any of those toys I am just going to take them from the kid and tell there parents to come talk to me.


  1. Nell // January 8, 2009 at 6:48 PM  

    That's pretty low. Even for these tough times. UGH!