awesome giveaways

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phat fiber (clicky) is having awesome giveaways from local gringos who have awesome knitting accessories such as the cute puppy tag for when you gift to someone so cute check them out. around xmas time going to be spending some duckets. you should alos check out enchanted yarns yummy yarn everywhere you look. and last but definately not least happy housewife soap i so want there day of the dead scent yummy. go check all these out awesome sights.

oh and i feel so bad tonight my littl one is learning to walk and he fell tonight and bit his tongue so bad blood everywhere. i know tongue cuts are always bad because the tongue is so vascular but i was just shaking so bad because he was hurting made me so sad for my little man. i wasnt this sensitive before i had a baby guess thats part of being a mom. *sigh*