Stitch Marker Contest Winners!!!

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Drum roll please!!!!!! Here are the winners of the contest!!!
1. Chia
2. Tami
3. Daniela
4. knitsewquilt
5. Debbie

Congratulations to everyone who won. Chia will be the first person to pick the stitch markers of her choice. Tami second, Daniela third, knitsewquilt fourth, and debbie fifth. I will contact everyone after the person before them has picked their choice.

Contest update

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Hi everyone. Just letting all my readers know i will be doing the drawing tonight for the stitch markers shortly after eight o clock and will post the results. Sorry if this is funny looking im posting from my phone

the cord for my laptop finish breaking and shorted out on me. I got shocked a little ouch. so I should have my desktop computer up before friday so I can do the drawing for the contest. if anyone has a dell inspiron B130 power adapter there not using email at vbarton24 at gmail dot com. Ill pay for shipping. sigh what a bummer good laptop crappy power broken supply makes a laptop a paperweight :-( vic out

here is my phat fiber box for july everything is awesome!!!
i know its not a very good picture. my battery died on my camera as soon as its charged ill post again.

just spun this up

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recently spun yarn the first two are batt bites from corgi hill farms and the second one is a mix of fiber from the june phat fiber box

hand spun with my drop spindle.

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend and staying cool. As I type this it is 8:30 pm and still 102 degrees.

I finally got all my hand spun yarn and some of the yarn I received from phat fiber boxes as well as roving I bought from phat fiber contributors and wound into balls.I am using them to knit a clapotis. It will be interesting that's for sure. Tori's multi colored clapotis.
Here are the pictures of the yarn wound into balls:

I received the prizes from the tween whisperer blog this weekend they are cool.
here they are:

I also received my swap package from wildwoodflwr on ravelry
I love everything. wildwoodflwr lives in West Virginia and the culture
their is wonderful. I am still reading through all the literature I received.


these are my two dogs; Lainie and Valentine. Lainie is the smaller golden brown dog. We got her the day after we were married. Valentine is the bigger one. I named him after the character from one of Neil Gaiman's stories. Both of them are so sweet. This was just after my hubby gave them a bath. Valentine(tiny for short) looks so good. I call him my cow dog because of his spots. He sits in such a noble way. He is strong too. He weighs over 100 pounds.

I also won a couple contests this weekend as well
The first one is from the blog A Day with Two. She was having a giveaway for her 100th blog post. The contest was called a cooks dream
first prize is a red embroidered apron from Portugal
second prize is Cat Cora's "Cooking from The Hip
thirs prize is Dining on A Dime, by Twara Kellam and Jill Cooper and it is signed by the Author Twara Kellam. Super double cool
fourth and fifth prize is two very cute pocket size cook books, from Betty Crocker Titled Sizzling Grilling and Outdoor Eats!
sixth prize is 3 Hand Towels, one each in Red, White and Blue,
seventh prize is 4 very suitable for outdoor (read heavy plastic) eating plates and cups in red, yellow, blue and orange.

so that is really super cool. it will be fun cooking up some new recipes:-)

my other in this weekend is from Rose's Handmade Menagerie for a 25.00 gift certificate. So wonderful. I got for little man a tommy the turtle handmade crochet in red a blue. a bunny handmade crochet in blue and a business card holder in grey with an awesome button. I love it!!

So as you can imagine I had a pretty good weekend. My husband and I stayed in the house most of the weekend because the temperature was 109 and up. bleh. I am going to be staying in alot this coming week also because of record high temperatures. when its hot im inside gal. I am probally going to be stir crazy by the end of the week.:-(

So this week I should get my corgi hill order for the tree frog batt's I ordered as well as my phat fiber boxes.

12 more days to sign up fo the newsletter to be entered in the contest for any set of stitch markers from my etsy store remember to confirm your subscription also please or else you wont be on the list. I am giving away one set to five different people their choice.

august phat fiber box

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Today was a really good day. I went over to my mom's and visited for awhile. Mom was happy to see Vincent. He had a good time seeing his grandma.

I was thinking this for one of the colorways for the Phat Fiber August fair box theme
What do you think?? I think I might dye some kitchen cotton again in the some different colorways for the August Box.


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little man loves peaches

Today was a good Tuesday. I was able to get a lot of things done out and about and at home.
I also put in a visit to my mom as well. It was good to see her and just relax a little. I helped her clean a couple things as well because she was too short.:-P love yah short mom. lol I was barely tall enough.

I went to harbor freight because they were having a sale on scales. I need one to weigh my fiber so I can know how much I am giving as a samples. It will come in handy as well as for items in my store so I can tell people how much roving amount to put in my listings. I think I am going to need to get some hand carders this month as well. I go into harbor freight and look for the scale and they don't have it out on a shelf. It is in the lock up. I imagine it is an easy steal item. I finally get it and by this time little man is fussy and wanting to play with everything in the store. He is a techie geek like his daddy. I am now trying to check out and he is throwing a fit because he can't hold the scale because the gal is ringing me up. Now he is doing that high pitch I want it sound and I am so embarrassed. I apologized for his noise and quickly left.

Tonight I rinsed my cotton yarn which I dyed last night. I will be posting to my etsy account as soon as it is dry and I re skein them. Here are a picture:

Each skein has 100 yards of kitchen cotton. I also have some smaller skeins which are going to be samplers. I will have two samplers in my shop with three different mini skeins of 15 yards each. purple/blue purple and green mini skeins. I will post up pictures when they are all completed.

Today was definitely a busy day. This weekend I am going to be dyeing yarn for next months phat fiber box. I am going to be dyeing merino wool yarn.

Here are some pictures of the little man wearing his rock star bandanna:

he was upset because he dropped his toy still cute though.

Here he is playing with the magnets which spell out doggy on the fridge. He copied me saying g today after I told him and pointed to the magnet which said g.

This is the toe up sock I am working on right now. My first toe up.:-) I am making these for my neighbor. They will be going to Florida for one of her relatives baby girl. Lai said she was trying to think of something to send and decided everything in the stores was too commercial. She wanted something that will be one of a kind. Lai remembered I knitted and asked if I could make some little socks. I know that I will at least get paid for the yarn. Maybe she will throw in something extra for me making them. If not that's fine as well because I get my money back for the yarn regardless if what else happens. I can't see why anyone would need wool socks in Florida. Does it get cold in the winter?

I can't wait till Saturday. I mean I have to but i will be looking forward to it. I asked Karen at ABC's of Creative Pursuits if I could come down on Saturday and use the Ashford Kiwi. So I am going to try out the double treadle spinning wheel. Two weeks ago I tried out the single treadle Ashford and didnt have much luck. We will see how it goes. Hopefully better. I think I am going to most likely want to get an Ashford Kiwi someday.

Don't forget to sign up for my contest. Just subscribe to my mailing list on my blog. I am giving away five sets of stitch markers to five different people. You get to pick which set of stitch markers that you would like to have out of my store. The contest ends on July 31st. I will draw the winners and post my blog that day. You will have until I post my blog up to enter.

This post turned out to be longer than I thought. Goodnight all

my swap partners package

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this is my swap partners package
i hope she likes it.


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made spaghetti for lunch/dinner/breakfast yeah I made alot. lol so little man has some Italian in his cultural background and you sure can tell. he is good at slurping down the spaghetti. look: :-)

got some more spinning done tonight spun up the last of my june phat fiber samples and spun the rest of my danido roving tomorrow i will put it on the niddy noddy and tie it off so it will be a skein and than set the twist. w00t!!! going to go read some more sookie than go to sleep.

good times

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Today I went down to the visitors city in Bakersfield. It really is a gorgeous building and the veterans memorial is outside there as well. I forgot to look at it though up close. I went to get some informational stuff about Bakersfield for my swap im doing through Ravelry. I learned that there is a lot more things to do around Bakersfield than I ever knew. If you live in Bakersfield you should check it out as well as see the veterans memorial and the giant floating world marble ball. its cool

okay so I cant wait till I get phat fiber box this month as well as I contributed hand dyed yarn for the first time this month w00t!!! I am going to start preparing to dye for the August box tomorrow.

I have no tv connection right now so I figure I will probally get alot done around the house tomorrow. I like that I do nor have access to cable right now. The quiet is nice :-). Also vincents tv went out flat line horizontally. so we moved the BIG tv from our bedroom to his room. Kind of nice because it opened up our room more and I was tired of the big thing being in there anyways. I never watched it. It was a freebie. Good to have extra tv's never know when ones going to go. All three tv's that we have were just given to us. I helped my friend move a big screen hd into her house four years ago and I kept her old tv. The big one in our bedroom was given to us as well. The hd in the living room our old room mate left it when he went back to missouri. so we are lucky in getting free tvs lol. so as to the reason we have no cable. I forgot to pay the cable bill. when I went to apple valley and than Ione ca in March hubby forgot to pay the bill and weve been one month behind since than and I just didnt notice. been busy. oh well. sometimes I hate the tv anyways.

I got a new plant today from Target. It is called a Celosia plumosa. it is gorgeous. I have to get some pots to replant it this weekend. here is the pic of it

isnt it neat looking cant wait to plant it this weekend. :-)

this pic here is of my aloe vera plant. I need to repot this guy soon.
this is the heart of a plant which is 45 years old. it belonged to my dads mom. it might be older than that by now.

heres is the roving I won from Danido. it is now yarn and is so soft and yummy I have 95 yards spun so far and am trying to figure out what to knit with it i want it to be a scarf I was just going to do a plain st stitch scarf but that doesnt do such gorgeous yarn justice. myabe I should just wait till im done spinning and than see how much I have and go from there. nah too impatient. lol
here is the gorgeous yarn i love it:
i love my camera i took this with no flash in a very dim room.

don't forget to enter my contest running till the end of July. just sign up for my mailing list and leave a comment on a post saying you did so to enter. If you repost contest on your blog I will give you an additional entry.the prize is you get to pick any set of stitch markers from my store.
oh and there will be five winners as well.

yeah PHAT Fiber box coming out soon. w00t!!! I want to dye some roving but I am intimidated by the roving. Does it dye just the same as yarn. How do I gauge how big I make my samples. Any thoughts from peeps in the know would be appreciated greatly. :-)

well back to reading the eight sookie stackhouse novel.
Devon Monk who writes the Magic in the Blood series is giving away three of her autographed books. She is a wonderful Urban Fantasy writer. Go here to enter. Devon is really nice and she is a knitter as well. She likes to knit stuffed animals and she is on rav as well.

Today was an interesting day

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Today was quite an interesting day. I had all my Phat Fiber samples boxed up and ready to go. I went out to the car. Strapped the little man into his car seat. Got in and put on my seat belt and went to start my car. Car did not start. The lights were not turned off last time my car was used. I was bummed. So I had to call the husband and get a jump. So I get the jump and cruise over to the post office in Oildale. So I am hoping the battery is charged enough to start when I came back out it wasn't. So I had to call my dad and get a jump. Fun fun. To top this moment off I need gas but can't shut off the car because I will need another jump. LOL talk about your catch 22's. LOL So samples are in the mail and everything is good now

Today I received my Yarn Dieters Snak pack from Spinning Daydreams.
I absolutely love the handspun yarn it is so gorgeous. When I opened up my package I saw the cutest yarn cupcake. The yarn is set in a silver cupcake holder and has a bead on top held in with beading wire. Cute little cupcake. Enclosed is also a pattern for a cell phone holder to be made out of the yarn as well as a nice packet of green tea powder from stash teas. I love it so much. Thank you. here is a picture:

this is the bead for the closure.

also here is stripey noro sock number two. I am three rows away from starting the heel.

I now have a mailing list for all my peeps who read my blog. For everyone who subscribes to my mailing list before july 31, 2009; they will be entered into a contest to win a set of stitch markers. I am giving away five sets of stitch markers to five people as well as a five coupons for free shipping on any item in my store. you can pick any set of stitch markers from my etsy store

we had such a wonderful fourth of july. I had a good time and so did everyone else who was at my mil. Everyone enjoyed seeing the bean running around . heres some pics
so there is actually a pic of me on here that rarely happens.