good times

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Today I went down to the visitors city in Bakersfield. It really is a gorgeous building and the veterans memorial is outside there as well. I forgot to look at it though up close. I went to get some informational stuff about Bakersfield for my swap im doing through Ravelry. I learned that there is a lot more things to do around Bakersfield than I ever knew. If you live in Bakersfield you should check it out as well as see the veterans memorial and the giant floating world marble ball. its cool

okay so I cant wait till I get phat fiber box this month as well as I contributed hand dyed yarn for the first time this month w00t!!! I am going to start preparing to dye for the August box tomorrow.

I have no tv connection right now so I figure I will probally get alot done around the house tomorrow. I like that I do nor have access to cable right now. The quiet is nice :-). Also vincents tv went out flat line horizontally. so we moved the BIG tv from our bedroom to his room. Kind of nice because it opened up our room more and I was tired of the big thing being in there anyways. I never watched it. It was a freebie. Good to have extra tv's never know when ones going to go. All three tv's that we have were just given to us. I helped my friend move a big screen hd into her house four years ago and I kept her old tv. The big one in our bedroom was given to us as well. The hd in the living room our old room mate left it when he went back to missouri. so we are lucky in getting free tvs lol. so as to the reason we have no cable. I forgot to pay the cable bill. when I went to apple valley and than Ione ca in March hubby forgot to pay the bill and weve been one month behind since than and I just didnt notice. been busy. oh well. sometimes I hate the tv anyways.

I got a new plant today from Target. It is called a Celosia plumosa. it is gorgeous. I have to get some pots to replant it this weekend. here is the pic of it

isnt it neat looking cant wait to plant it this weekend. :-)

this pic here is of my aloe vera plant. I need to repot this guy soon.
this is the heart of a plant which is 45 years old. it belonged to my dads mom. it might be older than that by now.

heres is the roving I won from Danido. it is now yarn and is so soft and yummy I have 95 yards spun so far and am trying to figure out what to knit with it i want it to be a scarf I was just going to do a plain st stitch scarf but that doesnt do such gorgeous yarn justice. myabe I should just wait till im done spinning and than see how much I have and go from there. nah too impatient. lol
here is the gorgeous yarn i love it:
i love my camera i took this with no flash in a very dim room.

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yeah PHAT Fiber box coming out soon. w00t!!! I want to dye some roving but I am intimidated by the roving. Does it dye just the same as yarn. How do I gauge how big I make my samples. Any thoughts from peeps in the know would be appreciated greatly. :-)

well back to reading the eight sookie stackhouse novel.
Devon Monk who writes the Magic in the Blood series is giving away three of her autographed books. She is a wonderful Urban Fantasy writer. Go here to enter. Devon is really nice and she is a knitter as well. She likes to knit stuffed animals and she is on rav as well.