Today was a good Tuesday. I was able to get a lot of things done out and about and at home.
I also put in a visit to my mom as well. It was good to see her and just relax a little. I helped her clean a couple things as well because she was too short.:-P love yah short mom. lol I was barely tall enough.

I went to harbor freight because they were having a sale on scales. I need one to weigh my fiber so I can know how much I am giving as a samples. It will come in handy as well as for items in my store so I can tell people how much roving amount to put in my listings. I think I am going to need to get some hand carders this month as well. I go into harbor freight and look for the scale and they don't have it out on a shelf. It is in the lock up. I imagine it is an easy steal item. I finally get it and by this time little man is fussy and wanting to play with everything in the store. He is a techie geek like his daddy. I am now trying to check out and he is throwing a fit because he can't hold the scale because the gal is ringing me up. Now he is doing that high pitch I want it sound and I am so embarrassed. I apologized for his noise and quickly left.

Tonight I rinsed my cotton yarn which I dyed last night. I will be posting to my etsy account as soon as it is dry and I re skein them. Here are a picture:

Each skein has 100 yards of kitchen cotton. I also have some smaller skeins which are going to be samplers. I will have two samplers in my shop with three different mini skeins of 15 yards each. purple/blue purple and green mini skeins. I will post up pictures when they are all completed.

Today was definitely a busy day. This weekend I am going to be dyeing yarn for next months phat fiber box. I am going to be dyeing merino wool yarn.

Here are some pictures of the little man wearing his rock star bandanna:

he was upset because he dropped his toy still cute though.

Here he is playing with the magnets which spell out doggy on the fridge. He copied me saying g today after I told him and pointed to the magnet which said g.

This is the toe up sock I am working on right now. My first toe up.:-) I am making these for my neighbor. They will be going to Florida for one of her relatives baby girl. Lai said she was trying to think of something to send and decided everything in the stores was too commercial. She wanted something that will be one of a kind. Lai remembered I knitted and asked if I could make some little socks. I know that I will at least get paid for the yarn. Maybe she will throw in something extra for me making them. If not that's fine as well because I get my money back for the yarn regardless if what else happens. I can't see why anyone would need wool socks in Florida. Does it get cold in the winter?

I can't wait till Saturday. I mean I have to but i will be looking forward to it. I asked Karen at ABC's of Creative Pursuits if I could come down on Saturday and use the Ashford Kiwi. So I am going to try out the double treadle spinning wheel. Two weeks ago I tried out the single treadle Ashford and didnt have much luck. We will see how it goes. Hopefully better. I think I am going to most likely want to get an Ashford Kiwi someday.

Don't forget to sign up for my contest. Just subscribe to my mailing list on my blog. I am giving away five sets of stitch markers to five different people. You get to pick which set of stitch markers that you would like to have out of my store. The contest ends on July 31st. I will draw the winners and post my blog that day. You will have until I post my blog up to enter.

This post turned out to be longer than I thought. Goodnight all