Hello everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend and staying cool. As I type this it is 8:30 pm and still 102 degrees.

I finally got all my hand spun yarn and some of the yarn I received from phat fiber boxes as well as roving I bought from phat fiber contributors and wound into balls.I am using them to knit a clapotis. It will be interesting that's for sure. Tori's multi colored clapotis.
Here are the pictures of the yarn wound into balls:

I received the prizes from the tween whisperer blog this weekend they are cool.
here they are:

I also received my swap package from wildwoodflwr on ravelry
I love everything. wildwoodflwr lives in West Virginia and the culture
their is wonderful. I am still reading through all the literature I received.


these are my two dogs; Lainie and Valentine. Lainie is the smaller golden brown dog. We got her the day after we were married. Valentine is the bigger one. I named him after the character from one of Neil Gaiman's stories. Both of them are so sweet. This was just after my hubby gave them a bath. Valentine(tiny for short) looks so good. I call him my cow dog because of his spots. He sits in such a noble way. He is strong too. He weighs over 100 pounds.

I also won a couple contests this weekend as well
The first one is from the blog A Day with Two. She was having a giveaway for her 100th blog post. The contest was called a cooks dream
first prize is a red embroidered apron from Portugal
second prize is Cat Cora's "Cooking from The Hip
thirs prize is Dining on A Dime, by Twara Kellam and Jill Cooper and it is signed by the Author Twara Kellam. Super double cool
fourth and fifth prize is two very cute pocket size cook books, from Betty Crocker Titled Sizzling Grilling and Outdoor Eats!
sixth prize is 3 Hand Towels, one each in Red, White and Blue,
seventh prize is 4 very suitable for outdoor (read heavy plastic) eating plates and cups in red, yellow, blue and orange.

so that is really super cool. it will be fun cooking up some new recipes:-)

my other in this weekend is from Rose's Handmade Menagerie for a 25.00 gift certificate. So wonderful. I got for little man a tommy the turtle handmade crochet in red a blue. a bunny handmade crochet in blue and a business card holder in grey with an awesome button. I love it!!

So as you can imagine I had a pretty good weekend. My husband and I stayed in the house most of the weekend because the temperature was 109 and up. bleh. I am going to be staying in alot this coming week also because of record high temperatures. when its hot im inside gal. I am probally going to be stir crazy by the end of the week.:-(

So this week I should get my corgi hill order for the tree frog batt's I ordered as well as my phat fiber boxes.

12 more days to sign up fo the newsletter to be entered in the contest for any set of stitch markers from my etsy store remember to confirm your subscription also please or else you wont be on the list. I am giving away one set to five different people their choice.