This is my first rafflecopter giveaway. I am giving away hand knit arm warmers. They are made of Noro Kureyon silk garden sock yarn. Here are the arm warmers. They are so soft and warm here is my son modeling one of the armwarmers


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today was cleaning day.

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October 6, 2011

Today I just took care of the kids and cleaned. I got our bedroom all picked up. Kenny vacuumed it so that was awesome because I hate vacuuming. My spinning wheel has a permanent home in front of the window. I can now look out the window and spin. I just need to get myself a small CD player to plug in and listen to while I spin. I also need a big bean bag to chill in in there if I am just spindle spinning in there. That would be lovely. I still have to clean out down the side of the bed and everything will be done after that W00t!!! I am happy for having it almost done. I took before and after pictures but decided not to share them.

Vincent was a little pill today. He broke our 150 2 wireless router we bought from at and t. We can;t use the net flix on the Xbox and be online at the same time because of this. I am a little mad about this. well tonight I have videos in my posts. I think I was talking a little to quietly

well I am off to watch the vampire diaries and spin my Lucy in the sky with diamonds fiber. I will have some pictures tomorrow. Leave me comments if you like. See yah tomorrow.

October 5, 2011

Today was a very eventful day. Weather wise it was dreary and gloomy and I loved every minute of it. Dad came and took me to Vincent's speech therapy. That was nice because it did not cut into Kenny's work schedule. The speech therapist said Vincent did very well for his first day. I am happy.

So back to the weather as soon as we got to Vincent's school it started raining up a storm and the wind was blowing really good. I love this weather. Tomorrow is our last day for rain and than next week back up to the 90's. BLEH That's all I have to say.

This morning I got up to go get the laundry out of the dryer and there was a very large black and white pitt bull in our backyard. I backed up went in the house and called animal control. The dog finally went back to his own yard. It knocked four boards out of our fence. Lovely huh.
Kenny went out there to see where it got in. The dog was back in his own yard but saw Kenny; barked and started coming towards him. We have a very large back yard and kenny was hauling tail in flip flops screaming open the door. I have never seen someone run so fast in flip flops lol. I told him not to go out there. Did he listen to me noooo. oh well. At least I got to tell him told you so. hehe.

Today I did not get much knitting done. Vincent was off the wall and would not take a nap.

I think that is about all that went on today.

just been spinning and knitting taking care of kids same ol same ol lol

here are some pics of my projects going on right now

armwarmers spun with fiber from Sosae Caetano's wonderful store


my coral fiber from Sosae's shop I just recently spun up. I still have to skein it up and set the twist. Vincent is modeling it as well.


and these arm warmers I am knitting which will be available for sale in my etsy shop soon. I am still working on the other one.

Vincent has that oh mom look on his face lol

well thats all for now. leave comments if you wish I love to get em.

October 4, 2011

I have not been spinning for the past couple days just knitting. It has been nice to be knitting again although it feels a little odd. I am not used to the feel of knitting needles in my hands. I am used to the motions that go with spinning yarn with drop spindles. So after a long while of not knitting it feels extremely foreign to me.

I am currently knitting up some arm warmers to go into my etsy store. They are made of Noro Silk Garden and are my own pattern. I will have a completed set tomorrow and will post pictures.

Today was an okay day mostly. I have given up the fight on making Vincent take a nap. I am tired of all the screaming and crying he does. All it does is make me mad and wake up his baby sister so she is grumpy because of no nap.

Tomorrow is Vincent's first day of speech therapy. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

back to knitting.

today was a very long day

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October 3, 2010
I was so tired today. woke up at 245 am Isabella was so fussy. took awhile to get her settled down again. lindsy and the kids came down again. It was so good to see everyone. cant wait till we can hang out some more. i did not get a lot done after they left. i made burritos for lunch yummy. tried like heck to get Vincent to take a nap so I could take a nap. I put him back to bed about 10 times. sigh. got to have a nap for about an hour. kind of helped. my foot is still sore from where I stepped on that transformer and cut it last night.

went to food maxx tonight to get some more baby food. Food Maxx sucks so bad. the longest lines ever. well im off to go watch house and finish my armwarmers. ttfn

this weekend was okay,

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October 2, 2011

I am so finally glad fall is on the way. I live in Bakersfield and do not like the heat at all. Vincent had a good time today playing out in the backyard in the water with the dogs.

yesterday I got to card these two batts up they are merino angora locks and angelina I dyed everything myself they turned out so lovely.



tomorrow I have to contact Vincent's speech therapist and see about setting up his speech therapy. I also have an appointment to get him signed up for head start on Friday as well. than an appointment on saturday. All next week is all about appointments. Last week I walked with Vincent and Isabella down to the Evergreen school. It nearly kicked my butt. I would walk a lot further than that when I was a kid. I got to loose some weight.

I am really looking forward to our cooler temperatures and the rain this week. I love the rain. well thats all for now.

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October 1, 2011

today was a pretty nice day for the first of October. Got up early and did some laundry. went to the yarn store carded up two batts and than core spun karens yarn a little bit than spun on my on some of sosae's fiber a little bit. I will have pictures for you tomorrow of some of the handspun. I am going to try to do NABLOPOMO again this months and not miss a day. I am going to have to write myself daily reminders lol.