today was a very long day

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October 3, 2010
I was so tired today. woke up at 245 am Isabella was so fussy. took awhile to get her settled down again. lindsy and the kids came down again. It was so good to see everyone. cant wait till we can hang out some more. i did not get a lot done after they left. i made burritos for lunch yummy. tried like heck to get Vincent to take a nap so I could take a nap. I put him back to bed about 10 times. sigh. got to have a nap for about an hour. kind of helped. my foot is still sore from where I stepped on that transformer and cut it last night.

went to food maxx tonight to get some more baby food. Food Maxx sucks so bad. the longest lines ever. well im off to go watch house and finish my armwarmers. ttfn