this weekend was okay,

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October 2, 2011

I am so finally glad fall is on the way. I live in Bakersfield and do not like the heat at all. Vincent had a good time today playing out in the backyard in the water with the dogs.

yesterday I got to card these two batts up they are merino angora locks and angelina I dyed everything myself they turned out so lovely.



tomorrow I have to contact Vincent's speech therapist and see about setting up his speech therapy. I also have an appointment to get him signed up for head start on Friday as well. than an appointment on saturday. All next week is all about appointments. Last week I walked with Vincent and Isabella down to the Evergreen school. It nearly kicked my butt. I would walk a lot further than that when I was a kid. I got to loose some weight.

I am really looking forward to our cooler temperatures and the rain this week. I love the rain. well thats all for now.