its already been an iffy week

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my husband left the lights on all weekend to my car and totally killed the battery. he had to have the car jumped twice in this horrible weather today. i feel so bad for him. what a crappy day to have happen. so after that I was going to leave and go to my cousins house. i locked myself out because I grabbed the wrong set of keys. yeah me. so kenny took his dads truck and came back to let me in. he left the car keys with his dad so he could drive my car if he needed to. so no keys to get in the house lol. I took off to my cousins house and was like oh bank card no gas.*slaps forehead* bank card is in house. so went to cousins house and than went home made it thank goodness. got gas en route and than was like oh no locking gas cap in which the key is on the keyring I left in the house. I lucked out and my gas cap wasnt locked all the way down thank goodness. something went right today. so got home and relaxed with the bean.

it rained alot today. I was in my car seeing if I could get it to start. started right up no problems:-) I was very happy. ran it up and down the freeway a couple times to make sure the battery was charged a little bit.

so tonight I played copy cat with my crafts. I made my own skein yarn stitch markers like the ones that Yarn Demon (go here and by hers) made. The only difference is hers are handmade and mine are made with an extruder.(I was lazy)I also will not be selling mine unless she says I can because it is her design. I just loved them so much I had to make my own. here are some pictures of them. I still have to add the head pins and split rings as well as bake them.

so I just signed up for whrrl it is an awesome way to put together a picture slide show with text and share it. here is my first whrrl my family went to this holiday festival at the kern county museum. was alot of fun and vincent got to see horses and trains.

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well as holidays approach Im thinking of my grandma who passed on on october 2, 2009. she was such an awesome grandma. whenever I was out of town or she was out of town we would sometimes call each other and talk about the weather or I would write her about the weather. If she was here today I would be telling her about the rain and how windy it was today. I miss her and her chocolate gravy and her deep fried chocolate pies.


  1. Darcys Knotty Knitter // December 9, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

    Hope this is a better week.Hugs Darcy