Today I am featured oh Hook and Needle Girls' webpage. Holly is currently featuring my sweet orange bath salts that I sent for the June Phat Fiber Box Go on over to her webpage and check out her review if you like. Thank you Holly check it out yummy fiber giveaway

I received my knit kit today

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I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my knit kit sock yarn and a key chain with a sweater and two knitting needles in it!!!!!!!!!!! . so cute. I love everything!!! Much thanks to Knit and Write Georgi hosted a wonderful contest and has a wonderful blog. You should go check it out. It is a good read.

yarns I have spun recently

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this is from Corgi Hill Farm This samples is called Sea Orchid and is gorgeous. Finished spinning this one up last night

This samples is from Zebisis Designs this was an extra that she sent with my drop spindle which was a birthday present from my mom. I love my drop spindle. I have already spun up lots of singles and plied lots of yarn as well. This still has to have the twist set. I will do that tomorrow. Cant wait to knit with it. So lush. Yummyness I spun these up last night also

SPOILER ALERT for July's Phat Fiber Box:
here are some of my hand dyed cottons for next months box
I am going to be doing some more dyeing of cotton soon so I can post in my etsy store in this purple colorway hopefully similar.

this is a full skein of 100 percent cotton that will be for sale in my store tomorrow after I get her outside into the sun for some decent pictures:

the colorway is cherry blossom

well its late im going to go to sleep ttyl :-) SMILE!!! It's Phat Fiber Week!

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fiber goodness

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this fiber is amazing it is called Fool in the Rain from Vines This small sample was in my Phat Fiber box for May 2009.

This sample is Romney Locks from Bohemian Knitter Chic

These two samples are from Knit it Up

they are a phat fiber contributer. The kit i bought from their store has three roving samples picked by them to spin up. So nice I love them. The skeined up one I spun singles with my drop spindle and than plied the two with my drop spindle. looks yummy!!

This next fiber is from Corgi Hill Farm

the first one is called Hyacinth and is absolutely beautiful. I received a sample in my Phat Fiber box in May and I totally had to have one. So nice. I spun it up on my drop spindle and it came out so beautiful.

and here is a sample I was sent as well. Gorgeous. This is called Sea Orchid.

This fiber comes from Dyed By Danido so yummy cant wait to spin it

this is the same fiber just different angles so you can see all the different colors of this wonderful fiber.

These two fibers come from Zebisis Designs

This fiber came with my drop spindle that I received as a birthday gift from my mom
I love it. I think I pet it once a day lol.

This fiber was the rest of my birthday present from my mom. So yummy.

These are current my in progress projects:

The Hemlock Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed. I am using The Rainey Sisters Pattern which has the symbols for the chart added to it. I am loving this blanket. Can't wait till its done.

This is for my sock yarn blanket. These are the squares I currently have done:

This set is done from my personal stash of leftover sock yarn:

These squares are samples from my Phat Fiber box I have knitted up:

The Giveaway: grand prize LIVE giveaway!

awesomeness the 10,000 commenter wins

awesome wonderful giveaway from extreme spinning via phat fiber you should really go check it out

Phat Fiber Sample Box: Extreme Spinning Giveaway!

newly dyed yarns

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this is what I did for like five hours on Sunday and five hours on Monday rinsing yarn
most of these are going to be samples for july's phat fiber box any ideas for names i have a hard time naming items.

darcy is hosting a contest for a Wee tiny sock club giveaway. check it out here this is a really awesome prize

i just finished this cowl last night the pattern is called Meine Kalte Liebe meaning My Cold Love in german. this pattern has been submitted for publication in a book for Twilight knits. i love it. the original cowl is in a shade of red but I just had to use my hand dyed for something nice.

and dah dah dah duh:

here is my latest handspun

the first one is from Corgi Hill Farms in the Hyacinth colorway. I love it. I spun into singles and than plied with drop spindle. So yummyrific Phat Fiber is also having a contest where they are giving away one batt of this fiber below and second place prize is a bagful of mini skeins. both would be wonderful but im going to keep my fingers crossed for the hyacinth. go here to enter and if you come from my blog let them know please.:-) this is a wonderful prize. i am keeping my fingers crossed on this one and am going into promotional mode lol.

this sample is from vines and is called fool in the rain absolutely gorgeous and very easy to spin with i love it im going to get me some more of this as well later this month. gorgeous

the drop spindle im using is my birthday present. my mom got it for me from Zebisis Designs I love it. It spins like a dream. It is really lightweight which I really like because I have carpal tunnel and if I was using a heavier spindle my hands and wrists would hurt so bad. so there you go another reason to by Zebisis lightweight spindles. they rock and they are so nice to use an beautiful as well. well im out of here for now. Ill ttyl

new button

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so tired right now. I do way to much for other people and not so much for myself.

things I would like to do for myself this weekend :
dye my cotton yard for phat fiber(no kid ill be outside)
maybe take a nap.
make some stitch markers and phot0graph them for etsy store.
go to abcs of creative pursuits and take pics of the new arrivals.

well here is my new button for your blogs etc if you use it let me know and ill reciprocate the gesture

today is supposed to be rain and lightening storms in june. to weird we shall see keeping my fingers crossed. I want a good lightening storm. Have to get me some pictures. I am getting excited for the june phat fiber box. should be alot of goodness.
I tried to spin up some of my milk fiber last night that fiber is so slippery. I could hardly believe it. I will get it spun though. I finished spinning two fiber samples from the may box yesterday. they turned out nice. I will post pictures later.well got to go will have another update late afternoon.

Make something monday

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for make something i made some dyed yarn: ill let you see the finished product.