fiber goodness

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this fiber is amazing it is called Fool in the Rain from Vines This small sample was in my Phat Fiber box for May 2009.

This sample is Romney Locks from Bohemian Knitter Chic

These two samples are from Knit it Up

they are a phat fiber contributer. The kit i bought from their store has three roving samples picked by them to spin up. So nice I love them. The skeined up one I spun singles with my drop spindle and than plied the two with my drop spindle. looks yummy!!

This next fiber is from Corgi Hill Farm

the first one is called Hyacinth and is absolutely beautiful. I received a sample in my Phat Fiber box in May and I totally had to have one. So nice. I spun it up on my drop spindle and it came out so beautiful.

and here is a sample I was sent as well. Gorgeous. This is called Sea Orchid.

This fiber comes from Dyed By Danido so yummy cant wait to spin it

this is the same fiber just different angles so you can see all the different colors of this wonderful fiber.

These two fibers come from Zebisis Designs

This fiber came with my drop spindle that I received as a birthday gift from my mom
I love it. I think I pet it once a day lol.

This fiber was the rest of my birthday present from my mom. So yummy.

These are current my in progress projects:

The Hemlock Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed. I am using The Rainey Sisters Pattern which has the symbols for the chart added to it. I am loving this blanket. Can't wait till its done.

This is for my sock yarn blanket. These are the squares I currently have done:

This set is done from my personal stash of leftover sock yarn:

These squares are samples from my Phat Fiber box I have knitted up:


  1. danidocrafty // June 16, 2009 at 11:17 AM  

    Beautiful yarns and rovings, Vicki! I love the Zebris fiber. I too have a Hemlock on the needles right now.