this was an awesome weekend! it was overcast almost all weekend but too muggy. It spit a couple of raindrops for like five minutes this weekend. wish it would have rained more.
So I spent all day with my parents and our polymer clay teacher. she taught my parents and I how to make polymer clay canes. I made a leaf cane which turned out awesome and so beautiful. here are pictures:

Thursday I went to a small farmers market and I picked up some wonderful jalapeno bread made fresh by a local bakery and some wonderful asian pears from a local grower. so yummy look:

I also made tandoori chicken on friday with traditional indian rice which has a jasmine smell very light and fragrant rice and naan bread. my naan bread didnt turn out right. I need to try a different recipe I think. Next week I think Im going to make chana samosa maybe those are yumm also. here is my picture of our yummy dinner:

twas yummy. well im out for tonight going to go read some new moon before bed.