relaxed day

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Today I am having a nice relaxed day. I went to the dollar store to get some household items this morning with the bean. I like the dollar store in Oildale. The store is very well stocked compared to the dollar store by my house. They already have some decorations for Halloween for sale:

I also found a compilation of fantasy call Fantasy The Best of the Year 2008. I was happy about that. I needed some new reading material.

here is some spinning I did on the kiwi wheel at my LYS I am not good at spinning yet. I think I like the drop spindle better because I can control it better. Everything becomes with practice. So I imagine after I have my own wheel it will make a big difference because I can use it whenever I want.

Here is a picture of little man under his new quilt. This wonderful quilt was made
Wendy from Land of Poling Blog She did a wonderful job and Vincent takes it everywhere.

here is the bamboo roving I just got
this is with a flash

This is without flash
I am going to dye this up as soon as I order some more on friday. this bamboo is so soft. should be fun to dye!!!!

This soap right here:

is wonderful, awesome stupendous I won it from East Coast Tropics They have some awesome soaps. I am going to be getting some for my mom and mil for xmas. I think they will like them. Every month they give away a bar of soap. The Lavender Herbal smells absolutely heavenly. It makes me want to grow my own lavender and make soap. You should definitely check out their web page and there blog as well. well im out of here for now. I am going to post another blog later today with some very pretty yarns from Dodge Creations Group. Stay tuned.


  1. Knitnut,Karen // August 13, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

    Just wanted to say "Hi" and thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy your blog. It will be fun to see what you spin up! The bamboo looks fabulous!