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so today is the kickoff for my contest. I am doing this to raise money for the spca.

heres how it works: for every dollar or money order for a dollar or more if you prefer that you send me;(money orders can be made out to the Bakersfield spca) I will enter you in a drawing to win a knitted soap bag with a bar of zum soap(most awesome and delicious soap), size 10 square knitting needles, four knitted washcloths, a skein of louet euroflax linen yarn(purple in colour) and a set of hide and sheep's increase/decrease stitch markers. the contest will run through july 4th so all entries should be received by than. I will leave a three day window after that in case any stragglers come in and will draw the winner on july 7, 2008 if interested contact me at vbarton24 at and i will give my address for you to send your entry to. any questions email me also please.


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just to let everyone know. i am going to be having a contest to raise funds for my local spca chapter. they are in need of help all the time and solely rely on donations from the community. I am going to be giving away a knitted soap bag with a bar of zum soap(click here to see zum awesome soap i love it), size 10 square knitting needles and some other goodies. this is still in the planning stages. i will have all the details ironed out by friday. but how this is going to work is that 1.00 will get you 1 entry. you can send a money order made out to the bakersfield spca to me(i will provide contact information offline at the end of the contest on july 1st i will put everyones name in a hat with the appropriate number of entries and draw a winner. so thats just the rough details now message me if you have any questions or would like to donate something knitting related for the contest email me at vbarton24 at gmail dot com.

national knit in public day

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national knit in public day is coming up on june 14, 2008. im excited. ill actually go this year i think. i didnt get to do anything with it last year because I did not know of a group that was doing it. it is hosted by the ktk yarn on mavens for more information. just wanted to post that real quick

washcloths just finished

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three of my dishcloths these are always so hard to photograph

saw these purses at and arts n crafts show made out of capri sun packages
and fun fur kind of cute

and last but not least the king... lunchbox windchime that is the windchime
part is knives and spoons. kind of funny but cute.

saw the too above items at an arts n craft show and if im redundant i apologize.

so i have alot on my needles right now. I am almost done with the shop sample shrug im knitting up. 1 and one quarter skeins to go. i had to take a break from it. I was getting tired of the monotony(hope i spelled that right) so to break my monotony I knocked out three washcloths i was behind on for my knit aliong. still have one more to go and i will be all caught up. started vincents winter sweater this week. i need to go down to my yarn store so I can get some help with a couple parts of the pattern just to make sure I am clear how it is supposed to be knit :-)

I am also glad because tomorrow it is going to be alot cooler in bakersfield. I was not ready for 100+ degree weather yet. I have been staying home alot with little v because I didnt want to expose him to the heat. just way to hot to take him newhere.

so on saturday i will be 30 years old. I am not sure how to feel about that. just seems surreal and weird to me. doesnt seem like it should be this year. oh well. well ttyl