today was a productive day

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got up and took care of both beans breakfast and bottle. I than started breaking up my bfl too dye

here is a picture of all I dyed today

green blue yellow red and purple.

I am going to spin it into a long repeat of colors yarn maybe I might also card it into a batt not sure yet.

the weather was very windy today here as well so my fiber dried very quickly

well tomorrow my starter for my bread will be ready to break up to make more starter and too bake my two loaves woohoo!!!! I will have starter to share this weekend as well.

well off to bed. I want to read a little before I go to sleep.

today was a lazy day

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Today was a most lazy day. I was up till 6 am. I slept till 2 pm because of this. After I got up I prepped a bunch of the veggies for dinner. I than went to the Walmart for the chicken stock I forgot. I found some good books in the Bargain Bin. I got two books by Liz Maverick called Crimson and Steam and Crimson CIty. I also got two books b Erin Kellison called Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall. They both look good as well. the best part about the books. They were all two bucks a piece. It would have cost me thirty bucks before tax if I bought them in a normal book store. w00t!! I got two new jenkins drop spindles this weekend. I got the delights. The are so wonderful. I love them. I like them better than the standard. One is canary wood and one is bolivian rosewood. I got them at ABC's of Creative pursuits in Bakersfield Ca. They are hands down my favorite spindle.:-)

This is my beautiful Starfish fiber I bought from Sosae Caetano on etsy .

I was going to use it for the SAL on Sos's group but it ended up going to live with Cookie from our spinning group.

I keep on meaning to dye some roving but I have just been to tired mist of the time. One of these days I will get around to it. This week I am going to be setting the twist in a bunch of yarns and measuring yarns that I am going to send to my lys to sell. well I am tired and out of here ttyl.

good day today

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had a good day today went and taught my spinning class and had a good time two new jenkins spindles went home to live with me today. all is good will post more tomorrow