today was a lazy day

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Today was a most lazy day. I was up till 6 am. I slept till 2 pm because of this. After I got up I prepped a bunch of the veggies for dinner. I than went to the Walmart for the chicken stock I forgot. I found some good books in the Bargain Bin. I got two books by Liz Maverick called Crimson and Steam and Crimson CIty. I also got two books b Erin Kellison called Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall. They both look good as well. the best part about the books. They were all two bucks a piece. It would have cost me thirty bucks before tax if I bought them in a normal book store. w00t!! I got two new jenkins drop spindles this weekend. I got the delights. The are so wonderful. I love them. I like them better than the standard. One is canary wood and one is bolivian rosewood. I got them at ABC's of Creative pursuits in Bakersfield Ca. They are hands down my favorite spindle.:-)

This is my beautiful Starfish fiber I bought from Sosae Caetano on etsy .

I was going to use it for the SAL on Sos's group but it ended up going to live with Cookie from our spinning group.

I keep on meaning to dye some roving but I have just been to tired mist of the time. One of these days I will get around to it. This week I am going to be setting the twist in a bunch of yarns and measuring yarns that I am going to send to my lys to sell. well I am tired and out of here ttyl.