A new month again. I am hoping all goes well this month. I have seen and heard so many crazy things happening to people's relationships and family life that it makes me happy there is a no drama agreement in our marriage.

I just finished up Tour De Fleece for this year. I did a lot more art yarns this year than last year. I actually spun a lot more yarn last year.

here are some of my spins from this years Tour De fleece






that is just some of my pics from tdf. There are a lot more on my flickr

this past week was kind of crazy in my neighborhood. right around the corner from my house an 8 year old girl went missing. she was found alive but her dad was the guilty party. we actually had a swat team stand off in our neighborhood as well. it was so crazy last week. We had a lot of lookie lous in our neighborhood which meant a lot of traffic. I was so glad when the whole event was over

here is Vincent standing at the sheriffs line


well im off to spin some more. I am going to be doing some yarn bombings this month. whats that you say. well you stay tuned to find out more or google yarn bombing.