My Tour De Fleece spinning

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This year I got to take part of my first Tour De Fleece. I had such a good time with all the spinning and camaraderie. It was an awesome good time.

First off here are all my yarn spun up. I spun 15 yarns on my drop spindles.

This fiber is from Counting Sheep Farms and is cormo, alpaca, and silk. Such a lovely mix. CHF has this for sale in her shop all the time I believe. This one is an n-ply as well.

This is from Counting Sheep Farms as well and the colorway is fire and the fiber content is merino. It is an n-ply

This Fiber is from BeeMiceElf and was from my swap partner. It is an n-ply.

The fiber I made this yarn with came from EverImprovingMe and is the any port in a storm colorway and is Polwarth. Such a lovely spin.

The fiber for the next two yarns came from Boho Knitter Chic. She is the goddess of glorious batts and roving.
Fiber Content: Merino Top this is a single.

This fiber is called purple cone flower and the fiber content is Fiber Content: merino, Angelina, bamboo. it is an n-ply.

Sunset Farm Fiber from Fleecemakers this yarn is a single
its fiber content is f firestar, angelina, tencel and bamboo,
super silky Romney and a finn shetland romney cross
fleece along with dyed mohair

This is a lace weight single and is from Spindies. It is the coral box

This fiber came from Froggy Fibers and is Merino
This is a lace weight single.

This fiber is from Corgi Hill Farms
and is merino, silk, firestar-shimmer. It is n-ply

these little bits are the last I spun from the TDF
this is from Into the Whirled and is a single.

this one was one of my goals. to spin a whole skein on my Jenkins Turkish Delight.
This is n-ply

this is my first and last spin for the tour

I had a good time doing all this spinning and have perfected my n-ply.

here is what I am working on now:

my hamm batt for the Crafty Puppy Lover Toy Story SAL

and my corgi hill farm wensleydale roving im am currently spinning on my Jenkin's Turkish Delight

here s vincent modeling my Jenkins. he is getting so big.

here I am with my drop spindle and my bearded dragon

here I am spinning downtown at the amtrack station in Bakersfield next to the giant globe fountain


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  3. Not Blessed Mama // October 1, 2010 at 4:40 PM  

    i meant to say that is gorgeous YARN. ;) i'm a fellow HMM sister. :)