It has been a while since I have blogged anything. I was just so super busy with the holidays. Than a scare to my personal health. My doctor's were thinking I had breast cancer. It turned out just to be a bad infection. I still have to get an ultrasound of the lump to make sure. My pathology came back negative of the sample they took. I am happy for that. I can rest a lot easier now. I might still have to have surgery to have the lump removed. I will know more on that later this month. So for the time being I am still here.
I was wondering if you could do me a favor and go to Fluffington Fiber SAL and vote for my handspun. I am number 7. I would greatly appreciate it
here is little man looking at the fluffington farm yarn. I was trying to get him to hold it but he was all about the graham crackers as you can see.

I have been doing a lot of spinning and a little knitting. Here are some pictures of some of my spinning:

this is alpaca,cormo and silk from
counting sheep farm. I won it for being the
crazy cast on guru.You should have a look
around. lots of beautiful things to spend
your money on.

this is a single of alot of different phat
fiber samples.

this is my first ever three ply yarn I am so proud of it. it is so pretty and sift. the fiber is from paradise fibers in oregon

this is some 2 play I spun up. I love the color

this is from some samples of december's phat fiber box. I love the purples.

here is the blanket I am knitting for my friends baby that is due in may

here are some new pictures of little man the first picture us before his haircut. he
was starting to look very much like a little elfin child with the longer hair.
the second one is with his hair cut. His daddy cut it with the flobee. worked great