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well today has been an interesting day. the morning was kind of rough and I felt depressed a wee bit. I feel better now. I added some more stitch markers to my etsy store. maybe one day ill get a sale from someone I dont know lol. I was at Michael's today and met a very nice gal who invited me to their stitch n bitch at barnes and nobles. the reason we started talking was because she noticed my namaste zuma bag that I won from Hip Mountain Moma .I told her how I got it and she was like wow! thats really neat I have never seen a knitting purse like that. So she thought it was cool. I gave her my business card so she can call me if she likes or sees some stitch markers she likes. lol
Here is my Namaste Zuma bag:

and here is a picture of the Namaste Magnetic case:

I absolutely love the color. My favorite color.
this afternoon the bean and I went to the park so he could go run around a little bit. he had a good time. after we got done at the park; went by chic fila and got dinner. got home took my keys out of my ignition and put them in my purse. Locked the door got out to get little man. Got him and locked my purse keys and food in the car. My neighbor gave me a coat hanger to try to get the door open and no luck. k didnt help me much said something about being a martyr (i didnt understand that). I told him dinner was in the car and he had the door open in 5 minutes. so nice of him to care after I tell him there is food in the car. grrr crappy day seriously. so anywhos made these stitch markers tonight:

these are for sale at my etsy store: vicki's knitting things along with some other nice stitch markers. well im signing off for now. will write more later.