crazy times

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my dad and I camped outside of the chic fila for 24 hours to get a year of free meals. we were 18 and 19 in line and we got our free meals. of course the whole time we were there it rained. I could not believe how much rain we got. we were both so tired the next day. im still tired and recovering. people came all the way from north Carolina and Georgia to get their free chicken. thats just crazy to me it seems. one gentleman goes to openings all over the country. craziness huh? well my dads dead fish hat that I knitted ended up on the news heres the link clicky. I was happy. my hat was on the news. so anywho it was a long day cold brrrr the last six hours i just wanted to go to my car and leave.
local news gal with chicken heads and other people at chick fila not sure what her name is because I do not watch the news.

dad wearing his chic fil-a shirt and ht holding his dead fish hat right before we go in and get our free certificates.

so all in all an okay time they fed us three meals and dessert so its all good times.

right now I am desperately waiting for my zuma to come here. it didnt come on friday. hopefully it will come today. cant wait to pet it. lol :-)

ok yeah here is some photos of jewelry i made tonight let me know what you think.

clover and swarovski crystal bracelet

swarovsky crystal earring i made will post pics taken in natural light later today well thats all for now. so tired


  1. The Knifty Knitter // March 9, 2009 at 6:28 PM  

    I'm glad that you got your free meals, and your hat got on the news :) I really like your jewelry too. Are those Celtic knots?