and its just not the holiday season without at least one beheaded picture of a relative

and visions of sugarplums danced in his head. babys first christmas.

the ultimate valentinges day chocolate. .7 ounces of chocolatey goodness. almost half a pound of chocolate and my husband ate it in 10 to 15 minutes. what can i say he loves chocolate. after he ate it he went on a cleaning spree from the sugar high i think. hehe i should get them for him more often but not really. that woldnt be good for you. but it sure was good.

not the best picture but you can see how blue vincents eyes are here

my friends belated birthday gift. i knit her for dishcloths/washcloths etc. in 3 hours and added some tootsie rolls. she loved it.

vincent on his boppy

so alot is going on this month knit wise for me. I am taking part in a valentines day swap. I am knitting up some washcloths and a scarf as well. I love doing swaps. it is so much fun to get knitted stuff from other people and to see there style of knitting. this weekend abc's of creative pursuits in bakersfield is having a super bowl knitting get together. should be fun and there will be food and drawings. maybe someday ill win a gift certificate. I would save it and put it toward buying a skein of the prism cool stuff or wild stuff not sure which one. thats proablly the yarn I would most love to have right now to knit with. I think it would be alot of fun.

vincent is getting so big. he is 11 pounds and 13 oounces at the last doctors visit. he has strawberry blond looking hair color the doctor said and really blue eyes.

today I went to my moms and dug through all he clutter so I could find some of my school pictures and pictures of me as a kid. So I have to scan about 50 photographs over the next couple weeks. I knew my mom would never take the time to dig out the pictures anytime soon because something is always going on at their house or they are going out of town for doctor's appointments alot for both my mom and dad. so digging through all the pictures paid off. now i just have to plug in the scanner.

post pregnancy news I have lost 20 pounds since i had vincent. woooohooooo now just 40 more pounds to go. I suppose it would help if I wasnt munching on a giant hershey kiss. lol I LOVE CHOCOLATE. well I am going to stop here back to knitting. I got a nap in till 230 with vincent in his boppy sitting on my lap. I am not so tired no because of that. my sleep schedule is all screwed up. grrr one day when he is graduated from high school and all grown up i guess i might catch up lol. well back to the knitting. i will post pictures later today of my dishcloths i am knitting

very nice valentines day washcloth can be found here. it is knit on size three needles so it is super thick i think