This past week has been so crazy

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June 23, 2012 I had actually fallen asleep in my computer chair around 630 pm because I was tired. I woke up 30 minutes later checked my phone and had 2 urgent messages. I check them and my mom was like our house caught on fire. I was like OMG! I made my way to their house as calmly as I could drive. The fireman had the fire contained when I got there. It was still quite smokey though. My mom spent the night at my house because of her COPD. She could hardly breath and was stressed out. It was good for her to leave. Here are some pictures from that night

the bottom three pictures are damage from the fire departments hoses and equipment.
It was such a crazy night. My parents have 25-30,000 dollars in damage to their home. My dad is a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran who is living off of his Veteran's benefits. I started a donation fund to help them out. If anyone can help we would appreciate it. here is the link to the donation site
or if you would feel more comfortable doing it through paypal here is a donation button for my parents. if you would like to send something directly to my parents in the mail just find me on facebook as Victoria Barton and I will private message their address to you.

Vincent and I went over to Lowe's Monster's University Build and Grow on Saturday with Vincent. We had a great time.
here is my knitting project. It is for the Knit with Love group on Ravelry

and ending with the Super Moon.