September 28, 2011

I am so happy that we are kind of on the downward slide to fall. I say kind of because it was 92 degrees today. sigh will I ever get to wear any of my winter knits. lol

I have been doing a lot of crafty things as usual. dyed up some yarn and some locks. I am going to card them together this Saturday at the lys.

fiber and my silk n silver yarn i spun this is going to be armwarmers i dyed these yesterday.


my angora locks I dyed yesterday as well. I am going to card them into this roving
P9270098 I got my locks from

this is the fiber I am corespinning for Karen. there is 7 ounces of fiber there and it is going to be an awesome yarn.


the kids are getting so big. Vincent is going through a growth spurt again

here is Vincent checking out the rain last weekend. he was a little freaked out because of the thunder and lightening storm we had

her are some more pictures of the sky from that day

and a sunset

and a double rainbow you have to look kind of close to see the first rainbow

we have had more thunderstorms than usual this month.

I love it. looks like we have the potential for thunderstorms all day friday into saturday night and than rain next week 50 percent chance w00t!!!! and 75 to 80 on Wednesday awesome!!!!

here is Isabellie

I bet she is walking by Christmas
isabellie standing up

I am also knitting the hexipuffs quilt pattern from tiny owl knits. it is so much fun. she said you like knit on it for a year and than put it together.
hexi puffs

well thats all for now will post more later.