man I am so glad October is almost over. Next month had to be better I hope. I am so tired of stuff going wonky. This has been the worst October ever. It used to be my favorite month. Next month New Moon comes out. They are also showing Twilight again for 5 bucks. What a steal. I went and saw the midnight showing of twilight two years ago(has it been that long? my timing might be off) Newho. The sounds was all wonky and the picture was too dark. I hope it is better this time.
here are pics of my malabrigo fingerless mittens they have kept my hands snug and toasty heres the pattern just have to finish my other thumb and weave in the ends and all done.

little man sleeping he gots his vaccinations yesterday and was running a slight fever today so he was sleeping it off I think this was taken with natural light coming through the window

here are some pictures of little man he got new jammies from his grandma and grandpa barton: