so its the weekend and the bean(vincent) is heading over to his grandparents. big bean(husband) is going to Lengthwise to bring back a growler of beer and some super stinky fries(french fries with garlic and gorgonzola cheese Yummy!!). I really love stinky fries and the deep friend twinkies they serve there. So good but majorly fattening. I don't get them too often.
well here are some pictures I took of little bean today:

so theres all the pictures of the little man and one of him and i together it was a self portrait so pardon the quality.

I received two great free samples this week.
The first sample is eos. I was at first disappointed because when I was selecting my sample I chose the sweet mint flavor. I received it in the mail tried it and actually ended up loving it very much. I guess my mind already knew what I wanted. I have always like mints. I received my little eos(stands for evolution of smooth) lip balm. I was just happy to see the container. It is a little sphere that you open by turning it. It almost feels like a neoprene container and is completely gripable which I like because I am always dropping things due to my carpal tunnel. I opened it and I could smell a wonderful mint smell. I applied the balm to my lips and my lips were instantly tingly from the mint. I love it. The most wonderful light feeling on my lips . I do not like waxy balms that feel heavy and this one is heavenly. The eos is an all natural, 95% organic smooth sphere lip balm. They are sold at Rite Aid. Here are some additional web pages to check out:

My second favorite item is my new Zum Frankincense and Myrrh soap made by Indigo Wild. Last week Zum soap on twitter gave away free bars of F&M soap. I received my package on Saturday. They are fast shippers. I was so happy to see this package as well because Zum soap smells so good. When I opened up my package from some I was a little reluctant about the F&M because I thought it would be a little bit strong. I was wrong and I love this new scent. I give it an A plus. There newest catalog just came out and it it gorgeous. I love it. I also received a coupon for another free bar of soap as well. How generous is that. I cant wait to order some soap from them next month. Check out their web page here

here is my camera that i am selling. it is an Asahi pental k1000 with a 35 mm lens as well as a pentax macro lens. I am including a flash and a cable release. I am asking 150 dollars for my camera but am willing to take offers as well. If you are interested let me know and I can do up a paypal invoice. It will be 10.00 for the shipping because I was to make sure it is insured and I don't ship out of the us sorry. my camera works very well I have taken extremely good care of it over the years and I am only the second owner
here are some pictures:

so all in all a good weekend besides being under the weather. Off to make some stitch markers for november's phat fiber box.